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Anime Spotlight #20

Hands up if you’ve seen this Anime!  Anyone…?

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A woman becomes a shikabane right before giving birth.  However, the boy she sires is still very-much alive and human.  He is taken in by a monk with a hentai addiction and a shikabane-hime that serves him in secret.  The boy, because of his birth, has garnered a fascination with dead things, where even his pet cat is brought back to life within his own mind.  However, it’s the monk’s shikabane-hime that grabs his attention one night and from then on he starts meddling around where he shouldn’t and ultimately becomes fully involved in the secret world of the monk and his kin.  The shikabane-hime was eaten alive by seven shikabane during a raid of her house.  With a burning desire to exact revenge on those who did this to her, she became a shikabane herself.  A powerful bond with her childhood friend, now a monk, allowed her to become a shikabane-hime instead.

That’s the gist of the plot for Shikabane-hime.  The main characters involved are:  Makina, the shikabane-hime who kicks undead arse with two semi-auto pistols (and neglects to wear panties during the opening sequence).  Her “contracted monk” is Keisei, who works for an occult organization called the Kougon Sect.  Finally, there’s Ouri, the boy born of a zombie-mother who eventually becomes Makina’s contracted monk upon Keisei’s death.  The primary antagonists are the “Seven Stars,” comprising seven shikabane including a woman who, theoretically, was somehow able to become a shikabane despite harbouring no lingering regrets or desires.  Unlike most shikabane, these individuals have retained the full mental faculties of their prior human forms beyond their respective deaths decades ago — the woman, though, was shut-in her whole life, so her shikabane personality hasn’t changed much either.

Definitely not your average zombie show!  It’s not even your typical Anime zombie show…!  This show has two seasons, and at least the first season has been dubbed.



Work of the Week #42

The main conflict of Pathallea has a lot to do with some pretty tiny things…

The Gwyva:

Gwyva pic

Slenka tech that hijacks hosts’ nervous systems and controls them like zombies.  Just touching one is all it takes to get “infected.”  They can self-replicate.