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Anime Spotlight #18

Well, it’s about time I made a post on this show…:

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Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Syukufuku wo! means “God’s Gift upon this Wonderful World!” — in other words, we’re talking about the Anime show called KonoSuba.

KonoSuba is meant as a comedic twist on the plot concepts used in the show Sword Art Online that preceded it.  It’s set in an MMO-type world where a number of species and classes of people can interact and complete quests for rewards.

If Kazuma’s brief life on Earth was anything to go by, one would expect him to be the most useless member of his new band of misfits.  However, he certainly surprised me by quickly becoming quite a reliable member of his new team once he arrives upon that Wonderful World with Aqua in-tow.

Aqua, despite being a goddess, can only really be counted on to provide supporting magic for her crew; that said, the magic she can bring to effect is rather impressive and potent.  Megumin is only as reliable as the first explosive spell she can manage to cast, in which case one must hope she hits something with it.  Finally, Darkness can’t make her myriad of attacks hit their mark even if her life depended on it; as a result, she channels her inner masochist and becomes a human shield for her team (the only thing she can do effectively).  As a result, in order for the team to succeed, Kazuma needs abilities that can pick up the slack; though he fights well and good when he needs to, and is even quite cunning to boot, the abilities he learns often end up being wasted on “parlour tricks” such as relieving cute girls of their undergarments.

It’s a wonder those four can ever complete any of the quests they undertake!  Though they have their own respective incompetencies, the fact remains that they can still be relied upon to do what needs to be done.

There’s two full, entertaining seasons out so far.  Let’s see if there’s a season 3!


Anime Spotlight #5

Ange Vierge

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Being one of those Anime shows where the rookie unit spends the series trying to prove itself, and ultimately succeeding, I still found ‘Ange Vierge’ to be a show all to its own.  The primary reason for that is actually the only member of the unit NOT shown in the image above — their “Alpha Driver.”

Despite being locked into stasis by the enemy invaders in the second episode, never to come back till around the second-last episode, the Alpha Driver for the above “rookie” unit ends up still playing the biggest and most important role of all:  SHE’S the reason the other five members, shown above, overcome their shortcomings and pull through to rescue ultimately every member of one of the most elite units in the Academy they all attend.  Not bad for being comatose for 90% of the show!

Here’s the TRUE star:

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She alone is responsible, in her own way, for assembling the unit.  Without her, the starring unit of this show may not have been.

And, of course, her own way of looking after the team that she brought together was instrumental in allowing her team-mates to see during their respective moments of tribulation what they’d failed to see before that point.

There are only 12 episodes to this series, but still well worth the watch!