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Pathallea: The Basics of Thoul, part 4.

Other, “radical” forms:

Of (to/from) = eg(-)      /comparative adjective/ = -ner-    /superlative…/ = -ser-       /inverted comparative (lesser)/ = -nor-     /superlative… (least)/ = -sor-

However = dedek      Ago = de      Ado = ghe    That = deck     Such = dock

Behold = dack      Lo = duck      Alas = dyck      (a) Lot = mer      Re- = si-

(to) Make = sei      /past/ = hoi      /present/ = hio      /future/ = hei

Rather = gwarr      Rather than = gwarreck      Meanwhile/while = gheck/ghock

Some…:  something = omkiff, somebody = omsharr, sometime = omyarr.

*copula-like normal verbs*

To give = yillei, to take = yellei, to bring = illei, to buy = ellei, to begin = yilklei, to finish = yelklei.

Sentence Formation:

Simple sentence (Indicative form):  I ran home = laeo lik larua, or, laeoes larua.

Complex sentence:  I ran home because of (the) monsterslaeoes larua gegek (kif) rygarkia.

Compound sentence:  I ran home because I was scaredlaeoes larua gegek rygeues.

Compound-complex sentence:  I ran home because I was scared of the monsterslaeoes larua gegek rygeues egrygarkia.

Interrogative (question) form #1:  I did run home. >> Did I run home? = kloilaees larua. >> kloilaeesai larua?

Interrogative form #2 (for interrog./relative particles):  What to do…. >> What to do…? = sar ioklei…. >> sara ioklei?

Imperative forms (commands/interjections):  You there!  Hey!  What?! >> oray lirr!  hay!  sare?!

Linking verbs:  I do go, I can go, I did go, I could go, I don’t go, I can’t go >> kleileies, leiklioes, kleioleies, leikloies, ikleileies, leiiklioes.  I will be going, I would be going, I can be gone, I can’t be gone >> leiosesei, leiosesea, egleiesklioes, eghleiesklioes.

Sample Sentence(s):

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
(Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

Nees abreykariya freiorya niks dreiorya il freiokiah niks dreiokiaa.  Nekaneesekio pha hydieria niks hykieria niks vaeylia yil eya orraya il phurra egkarnyadra.  (Dallia eya eg kof Mordeanilorrendriya Breykaridreiokiya)

War is peace.  Freedom is slavery.  Ignorance is strength.

Rickea ryckeio.  Froioudra freioudrio.  Kathida gathidio.

**this concludes part 4!**



Work of the Week #2

King Minkathnaazrah’s speech, given on the beaches of Arkoul during the Great War that took place on Pathallea 1,000 years prior to the setting of the book Pathallea itself…:

It’s not that we out-performed the enemy so late in the war, that we are here.

It’s not that we out-witted the enemy in the depths of despair, that we are here.

It’s not that we pounded them into submission with our weapons, that we are here.

It’s not that we succeeded in asymmetrical warfare tactics, that we are here.

It’s not even that we got lucky in our tactics against such a foe, that we are here.


We are here because we never gave up.

We are here because we never gave in.

We are here because we never stopped fighting.

We are here because we love freedom more than we fear death.

We are here because we knew that failure wasn’t an option for our kind.

Everyone did their part to make this advancement possible.

Every single one of you here on the beaches of Arkoul has earned your place here.

Every single one of you deserves to be here, as well as all those who could not be here.

You made this happen, not me.

This amazing achievement was only possible because of you, with your iron will.

You, who chose to stay your ground, deserve this coming victory more than anyone.

Savour that victory, when it comes.

For it will come, so long as that iron will stays within each and every one of you here.

Believe you can eliminate the Slenka, and it will happen.

The past twenty five years of advancement is proof of this.

There’s no stopping us now, because of the fire of liberty in our hearts.

There’s no stopping us now, when the great Azuephoydah still stands proudly tall.

There’s no stopping us now, for we’ll only cease when we’re all dead!

Spoken again by the Professor within Pathallea‘s timeline as a rallying-speech.

*Happy Family Day, everyone!  🙂