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Anime Spotlight #6

When Science and Magic meet….

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In Academy City, students study Science in order to obtain special abilities called “Esper powers.”  The more advanced one’s powers are, the higher their “level” becomes — and thus the higher their status in the city becomes.

The lowest level is “0”, and Touma Kamijou, the main character, is one such person; he’s quite an unlucky person, and he has an odd ability called “Imagine-breaker” which nullifies all abilities it touches, including magic.  Even though the show is named after the white-haired girl (whom we meet draped over Touma’s balcony — her name’s actually Index…), in terms of the show’s story-line Touma is actually the center of focus character-wise.

That’s probably a good thing, though, as many of the other characters don’t really do all that much; Railgun (Misaka) and Index in particular just come along for the ride, it seems.  I like that he isn’t deterred from action by his low level; he’ll even fight against the most powerful individuals around, if he feels he must.  He has only his right hand to rely on, but still he pulls through for the good guys.

Happy Easter long weekend, all!


Work of the Week #18



The Sad Avatar:  An Avatar of Lady Light; after the Five Waves, she had slowly become corrupted by Darkness until her halo of light turned to fire, eyes of white turned golden, tears of elixir turned to burning black ink, and wings of ether turned to physical bird-like ones.  Her antithesis is the Dark Avatar, who is the Avatar of Lady Dark and second only to her in terms of rulership over the Dark Forces.  The Sad Avatar, when she was known as the White Avatar (before the Five Waves), was the progenitor of the Fae race.

>>Avress:  Current, adolescent, Fae-queen of Appathall, and presently one of the last free Queens of the Fae-lands.  As a result, she and her land face heavy terror activity from the Archivists – trying to break her and have her join the Fae-alliance that’s already claimed so many of her kin.  Avress’ Fae-power is in the control of fire, in all its forms.

>>Gurrigan:  The 10-year-old leader of the Fae-alliance, and willing mouth-piece of the Archivists.  She was solely responsible for converting a whole half of the Fae-lands over the course of only two years; half of those Fae-queens she’s approached, who refused her offer, have since ended up dead.  Gurrigan’s Fae-power is in the control of the mind, being able to control people, addle their minds, and read thoughts.

>Iethey:  The youngest Fae-queen, at only 8 years of age; she rules Faeratour with her older sister Barthidda as Advisor.  Like Avress, she has refused the Fae-alliance and is in alliance with Avress and Razinya – building a wall about all three lands in a bid for protection from the Archivists.  Iethey’s Fae-power is in the manipulation of physical matter, no matter the state it comes in.

>Razinya:  The oldest Fae-queen and neighbour to Iethey and Avress.  Seeing the threat the Fae-alliance posed to the liberty of her people and kin, she was the first to refuse Gurrigan and the Alliance (she was also first to start building the wall).  Razinya’s Fae-power is in divination, wherein she is able to perceive the near-future at will and the far-future at random and only during sleep.