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Anime Spotlight #50

That rare Isekai Anime that’s not totally “run-of-the-mill”…

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (Etiqueta) | OtakuTime
“That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime”…

Yes, it’s that one slime Anime.

It begins like any other Isekai, with a male protagonist who never made anything spectacular with his life on Earth.  So, of course he has to die a stupid death and be transported to an MMO-type world where he has a second chance to do better.

Aaaannnnd that’s where the similarities largely end, between this Anime and prior Isekai’s like Re:Zero and KonoSuba.

On first glance, being transported to another world as a slime seems like a rather poor way to do better on your second wind.  But, logically, a slime made from special material is actually the most effective way to incorporate all the best attributes possible into one corporeal form.  Being amorphous means one can change one’s own body to accommodate any kind of ability one may have — and can easily accommodate any other ability one comes across.  Thus, it’s no wonder the slime protagonist here becomes so powerful so quickly.

At the risk of potentially spoiling more, especially since this show’s still ongoing, I’ll leave it there so you can check it out for yourself.


Anime Spotlight #46

Well, time to get this one over with…:

Re: Zero Anime Review – Gitopia – This Otaku Life of Mine

Yes, it’s that bloody MMO-based Anime — starring Subaru, Anime’s “cringiest” main character.

Despite popular opinion, Subaru’s renown in Re:Zero goes beyond his refusing to love anyone other than Emilia (even when a much better, and more receptive, option literally plops herself on his lap and begs to be his).  The whole reason for this show’s name is his ability, which was forced onto him without his consent, of rewinding himself back 24 hours, involuntarily, upon his death.

Re:Zero isn’t, in my one-man’s opinion, the most appealing/well-done example of what it’d be like to be landed with such a curse of an ability — Edge Of Tomorrow, and even one particular episode of Stargate: SG-1, have done better in their own respective ways.  However, ain’t no show gonna top this Anime when it comes to the suffering that probably is inevitable after being forced to re-live any particular day or days over and over again.  Sure, doing stupid shit ’cause you know you’re probably just gonna repeat that particular day; but, after enough repeats one is bound to reach a breaking-point where they just wanna die or do anything to lift this curse they’ve acquired.

And yet…, Subaru, even if snot-nosed and red-faced, somehow finds a way to pull himself together long enough to make a happy ending of the current situation (regardless of how many repeats he’s had to endure).  This, specifically, was the reason I maintained interest in the series.  Regardless of how you feel about his love for Emilia, no doubt it’s that love that ultimately keeps him sane enough to keep on going and doing what he does.

Perhaps, that’s the one silver lining in that love — this is something the rest of us can take note of whenever we have to trudge through a long and seemingly endless stretch of unfortunate events happening to us.  When rough times strike, one needs to have something to attach their heart to in order to remain as oneself; else, it becomes all too easy for one to lose all hope….


Anime Spotlight #33

When you’re playing a dying VR game, and you fail to log out when its servers all go offline….

Image result for anime overlord

While the game was still active, Momonga and his guild comprised the highest-level, most skilled players the game ever had.  The mansion their guild inhabited was set up as a dungeon to end all dungeons in the game, with NPC’s (the “Pleiades”) patrolling each level that were usually more powerful than most every other player in existence.

Then came the day the VR-supported MMO game was to close its servers for good.  After fiddling with Albedo’s programming, Momonga decided to sit about to wait out the shutdown just to see what would happen.

Unexpectedly, he became the Overlord of a whole new world within which his mansion was plopped into.  NPC’s now had their own will and character, and now Momonga had an Albedo who will forever be madly in love with him (and no way for him to undo it).

As the only remaining guild member, Momonga changes his name to “Ains Ooal Gown” — the original name of the staff that embodies his guild.

The remainder of Overlord is his adventures in this new world….


Anime Spotlight #18

Well, it’s about time I made a post on this show…:

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Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Syukufuku wo! means “God’s Gift upon this Wonderful World!” — in other words, we’re talking about the Anime show called KonoSuba.

KonoSuba is meant as a comedic twist on the plot concepts used in the show Sword Art Online that preceded it.  It’s set in an MMO-type world where a number of species and classes of people can interact and complete quests for rewards.

If Kazuma’s brief life on Earth was anything to go by, one would expect him to be the most useless member of his new band of misfits.  However, he certainly surprised me by quickly becoming quite a reliable member of his new team once he arrives upon that Wonderful World with Aqua in-tow.

Aqua, despite being a goddess, can only really be counted on to provide supporting magic for her crew; that said, the magic she can bring to effect is rather impressive and potent.  Megumin is only as reliable as the first explosive spell she can manage to cast, in which case one must hope she hits something with it.  Finally, Darkness can’t make her myriad of attacks hit their mark even if her life depended on it; as a result, she channels her inner masochist and becomes a human shield for her team (the only thing she can do effectively).  As a result, in order for the team to succeed, Kazuma needs abilities that can pick up the slack; though he fights well and good when he needs to, and is even quite cunning to boot, the abilities he learns often end up being wasted on “parlour tricks” such as relieving cute girls of their undergarments.

It’s a wonder those four can ever complete any of the quests they undertake!  Though they have their own respective incompetencies, the fact remains that they can still be relied upon to do what needs to be done.

There’s two full, entertaining seasons out so far.  Let’s see if there’s a season 3!