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Anime Spotlight #52



Personally, I’m quite looking forward to watching Girly Air Force and Grimm’s Notes, among a couple others, later on this month, as well as Azur Lane later on this year; in the meantime, though, I still have some fully-released Anime to go through….

Including this one:

Spring Anime 2017: Busou Shoujo Machiavellism - The ...
Beware…the stupid laughing sounds from some of these girls.

Armed Girls Machiavellism (Busou Shoujo Machiavellism) reminded me a bit of Kill la Kill and Shimoneta — dystopian school setting, and a fearless freedom-loving hero (a guy this time) standing alone against them.

The guy in question, Fudo Nomura — emphasis on the “No” — is like the MGTOW man of Anime; he values freedom of personal choice, and refuses to let agents of tyranny stand in his way of fulfilling such values.

For this show, the “tyranny” is the female student population in general; every girl at the “Coexistence School” is armed (hence “Busou Shoujo”), so that they can discipline the unruly newcomers (almost always boys) — usually, this results in the pussy-whipped boys dressing up like girls.

Machiavellism, of course, derives from Niccolo Machiavelli, who wrote “The Prince” as a treatise on how a dictator can effectively run a dictatorship over his nation and people while minimizing the chance of his being overthrown by said people.

Nomura, though, shows how to deal with such dictatorships — just say “NO”!  Also, it’ll help to know some good martial arts techniques to back up that “no.”

Just as in real life, Nomura proves that the best way for a guy to build a harem is to be indominable in will as well as unwavering in his values; the girls are bound to act up on him, but deep down they’re sure gonna want him badly.

However, if it’s actual love you’re looking for then find some other Anime….