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Anime Spotlight #45

It’s all your favourite Harem cliches in one Anime!

Infinite Stratos Season 2 Review | WWHCurrent Community

Infinite Stratos pretty-much has it all.  It’s a Harem Anime, foremost, since the IS units the Anime is named after are, with only one glaring exception, only able to be piloted by girls.  The IS units are mechas, so there’s that one checked off too.  Also, check on the prim know-it-all British transfer and the overly by-the-books German transfer.  Check off the girl-pretending-to-be-a-boy, the Tsundere, and Harem-boy’s protective older sister that got him into all this mess.  Of course, no Anime like this one would be complete without the occasional Anime fall scenes (that defy human anatomy) as well as beach episode and that one episode where all the girls have to chase after the boy in a secret competition.  Finally, the boy himself is squeamish, clueless to how girls work, average in terms of attractiveness, but always throws himself in front of dangers for them without hesitation.

That’s basically the jist of this show.  Did I miss anything?

Can’t believe they made two seasons of this show….



Anime Spotlight #1

This’ll be something else that I can hopefully post about on a regular basis (gonna try for weekly, but we’ll see…):  I’ve recently been hooked into watching anime, and I feel it’s about time I began talking a bit about some of the best shows I’ve seen thus far.

For this first post I’d like to shine the light on the epic, pro-humanity, mecha-bearing anime called Gurren Lagann!

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The full name for the series is Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, but this title in fact refers to one of the “final forms” that is taken by the main mecha (gunman) in the anime – known as “Gurren Lagann.”

This gunman is actually two individual gunman:  “Gurren,” which is the name of Kamina’s (the really cool-looking guy) acquired gunman, and “Lagann,” which is the name given to Simon’s (the kid with the goggles) gunman.

Now, onto the “meat” of the post…:

The power of the human race!

Gurren Lagann, on the whole, can be summed up rather straight-forwardly:  Kamina (recognizable by the funky-looking shades he likes to wear) essentially drives the entire show forward.  It’s his unquenchable desire to see humanity prosper and reach the stars that eventually stirs some fellow villagers to go above ground, following the initial gunman attack, to begin with.  Even when he dies around halfway through the first season, it is most likely Kamina’s unwavering resolve to do the impossible, I think, that drives the remaining Dai-Gurren coalition to continue to fight on and ultimately emerge victorious against the “Anti-Spirals” – their final adversaries.

Kamina, essentially, embodies the imagination, curiosity, and spirit of the human race at its absolute best and greatest; he’s the sort of ideal that, I’m sure, a lot of us would like to possess ourselves.

That’s probably the most meaningful reason to watch Gurren Lagann….  Yoko’s not a bad reason, either…!