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Work of the Week #43

It’s been so long since I posted one of these!

I’ve done some flags for the Fantasium universe, so I may as well do some for Pathallea…:

Top and bottom left = Breykaria flags (top = Orimar, bottom = Koie); middle = Alkan flag; right = Slenkan empire flag.



Work of the Week #31

It’s time for “Fun With Flags!”

Fantasium-related flags, anyway…:


The Freemen:  Red and green are complementary colours, symbolizing the complement between Good and Evil.  The script is of an old Mortal language, it translates as “the Freemen.”

The Watchers:  The symbol in the center is actually a sentence written in the magical script of the Semimortals, it translates as “the Watchers.”

The Archivists:  Black symbolizes the Dark, and white symbolizes the Light.  The script is of the magical tongue of the Magi, and it translates as “We Run the Show.”  This flag isn’t actually the original flag of the Archivists….