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Anime Spotlight #44

It’s like Frame-Arms Girl, but with a male Master…

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Busou Shinki (“Armoured War Goddess”) follows a handful of “Shinki” under the care of a simple-minded yet incredibly appreciative and understanding Master who is rarely seen because he spends all day at school.  “Busou Shinki” are one of a number of kinds of Shinki that exist, but they are most alike the Frame-Arms Girls of their name-sake Anime.  They engage in combat against one another, and do their best to serve their Master when they’re not fighting.

Shinki are also not very tall.  Like Frame-Arms Girls, they’re only about the size of a Figma figurine.  The four Shinki starring in Busou Shinki are Ann, Ines, Lene, and new-recruit Hina (aka Strarf).  Besides trying their best to make their Master happy, these Shinki have to face off against random challengers barging in on them.  All the while, some random pet hamster sits around gnawing on a sunflower seed.

It’s good in all the ways Frame-Arms Girl was, and still different enough to make it interesting as well.  Give it a watch!



Anime Spotlight #36

On the lighter side of things.

TV Anime 'Frame Arms Girl' Episode 4 Screenshots and ...

“Frame-arms girls” are an actual thing — they’re Figma-type figurines that stand there wielding various plastic weaponry (usually, these weapons are as large, or larger, than the doll holding them).

But, it’s the Anime based on these figurines that I’m covering here.

This show stars “Gourai,” a Frame-arms girl capable of wielding almost any weapon she gets her hands on.  She is delivered to the residence of a ditsy teenager named Ao — her father is a higher-up in the company that manufactures these figurines like Gourai.  She unboxes Gourai, somehow activates the girl, and from there a whole lot of interesting stuff happens.  While the girls are sometimes hard for Ao to handle, in the end she doesn’t care because their virtual battles are making her money.

For those who like slice-of-life Anime, this show has a lot of that.  For those who like magical-girl Anime, this show technically has a lot of that as well.  It’s a fairly good time all-round, regardless.