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Anime Spotlight #6

When Science and Magic meet….

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In Academy City, students study Science in order to obtain special abilities called “Esper powers.”  The more advanced one’s powers are, the higher their “level” becomes — and thus the higher their status in the city becomes.

The lowest level is “0”, and Touma Kamijou, the main character, is one such person; he’s quite an unlucky person, and he has an odd ability called “Imagine-breaker” which nullifies all abilities it touches, including magic.  Even though the show is named after the white-haired girl (whom we meet draped over Touma’s balcony — her name’s actually Index…), in terms of the show’s story-line Touma is actually the center of focus character-wise.

That’s probably a good thing, though, as many of the other characters don’t really do all that much; Railgun (Misaka) and Index in particular just come along for the ride, it seems.  I like that he isn’t deterred from action by his low level; he’ll even fight against the most powerful individuals around, if he feels he must.  He has only his right hand to rely on, but still he pulls through for the good guys.

Happy Easter long weekend, all!