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Work of the Week #28

Fantasium‘s equivalent of LotR “Black Speech”…:


Fantasium‘s “Dark Side” speaks a number of languages that are unique, to say the least.  Most distinguish between the genders, to the point where some of them are even speaking different tongues within the same language.

These languages were inspired from the Australian language called Yanyuwa….  Here are some of the tongues that use the above scripts:




Happy New Year!!  😀



Work of the Week #22

This week I return to the Pathallea universe, with some grammars for many of the  periphery cultures of the Pathallean island chains – including “Bush,” “Savage,” and “Snowshoe” cultures, to name a few…:


The languages are inspired by such language groups as Bantu, Khoe-San, Australian (aboriginal), and the many Papuan tongues.