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Work of the Week #44

First ‘Work’ post of the New Year!

Just a top-down view of a Tribunec, a Breykarian warship for Pathallea

Two large waterwheel-like wheels drive/steer the ship; weaponry includes 7 crossbows, 4 catapults, and a number of cannons poking out the sides of the ship.  Coal-fire powered….



Work of the Week #36

Fantasium is receiving a bit of revamping (again…).

I shall start with the “Ten Kings” *updated*:

1 = Red Dove.  Female; experimental ‘super-soldier’ (1 of 25 including the “White Witch”); was inserted into a ‘bio-suit’ that amplifies her Chi (thus her strength & abilities); wields 2 katanas.

2 = Crowe.  Male; uses special Tarot cards to produce ‘magical’ effects via Prana; Red Dove’s boyfriend.

3 = The Mortal God.  Male; offspring of a god and mortal; no Super-form; has a very long lifespan but still mortal.

4 = The Skull-bearer.  Female; origins as yet unknown; possesses a skull-shaped talisman that channels her Chi & Prana to produce certain effects; wife of the Mortal God.

5 = The Tinker.  Male; Earthling engineer; has built a large number of advanced machines and technology; since built himself into his favourite mech.

6 = The Fawke.  Male; Earthling engineer; is very adept at electronic technologies; brother is the Tinker; large parts of his body are now artificially-enhanced.

7 = The Boar.  Male; ex-mercenary/ex-army man who specialized in collecting powerful relics from the Five Waves; weapon of choice was an Alien hand-held railgun.

8 = The Bard.  Male; a Jack-of-all-trades whose primary interest is in the arts; lived as a radical who specialized in exposing Darkness through songs & artwork.

9 = The Savant.  Female; discovered by the Bard & raised by him; has the ability to learn & master anything she sees within minutes; eventually became his girlfriend.

10 = Merryman.  Male; a former student of the Peregrine Academy; was infected by DarkMagic but remained in control; nickname is a play on his on-mission demeanor.

On another hiatus in May….  Hope to revamp some of the other aspects of Fantasium in due time.


Work of the Week #21

Related to what “Work of the Week #20” was about, there’s a type of script that’s similar to what Fantasium‘s Aliens use but, in a way, is more well-known (particularly to those who dabble in fantasy).

What I’m referring to here is the script used to encode some kind of magical and/or wizarding language.  Good examples can be found in World of Warcraft and League of Legends.  Below is an example from The Mortal Instruments series:

Image result for wizarding runes


A similar thing exists in Fantasium, except in this instance a number of languages/scripts exist to account for the number of different magical beings that are around.

Example:  The Semimortals….

Like all magical races in Fantasium, the Semimortals have two working tongues; first is equivalent to “Mundane” (Mortal Instruments equivalent to a “Muggle”) speech, which is used for non-magical language needs; second is the “Magical” tongue, which is used solely to cast spells and what-not.

Semimortal “Mundane” tongue (no specific script as of yet…):


Semimortal “Magical” tongue (no specific grammar as of yet…):






Work of the Week #15

This week:  the Freemen!

The Freemen are the third primary alliance in Fantasium, and are a coalition of primarily Mortals with specific skills and a common interest in “Liberty, Life, and Light.”

The Freemen:

>>The Rogue (R.E.) ~ Team leader; a very libertarian-minded man, he set up the Freemen in an effort to fight the primary Dark forces (particularly the Archivists) in place of the disarrayed Watchers.  He’s learned long-lost arts such as sun-grazing and astral projection, which provides him his primary power.

>>The Clockwork Child (Ashtan) ~ The first true Freemen recruit and the team’s only Immortal.  Ashtan was an infant Child that was caught in an Archivist experiment that turned her into clockwork; her power is with fire, and the longbow that she found and since uses to direct her power.

>>Dassan & Kessen ~ Two Hybrids, and the jokers of the team.  Dassan takes the form of a stag, while Kessen takes that of a tiger.  Like all Hybrids, “Dass” and “Kess” appear animalistic but in fact have Human levels of intelligence and can also speak.

>>The Old Guru ~ Resident of a secluded temple once dedicated to the Watchers and the collection of wisdom, and one of the last living Mortals who can trace lineage to the Peregrine.  He’s responsible for helping the Rogue perfect his skills in the various arts.

>>Arreshya ~ A Silver Guard defector, she is extremely skilled in martial arts and blade-wielding.  An agent, tactician, and assassin for the Guard, she now fulfills this role for the Freemen.

>>Dellinas (the Boar) ~ A mercenary living in the pirate town of Ravinem, his reputation of great success in his work and great distaste towards centralized authority have now been put to use in the fight against the forces of Darkness.

>>Seathier ~ The current living Bard, and only one currently part of two alliances; provides artistic relief for group.

>>Mirror (Ictheal) ~ A teenaged, female Shapeshifter found by R.E. as an orphan and taken in; her primary role is to mirror an Archivist figure and gather information about the Agenda.

>>Thrill-seeker (Tomeran) ~ A middle-aged man who made a living performing daring stunts for eager audiences, until he was let-go by his agency; now, he’s a front-man for Freemen missions.


Work of the Week #12

A little ‘family tree’ exercise, for Pathallea…:

>Hallie (Haalihwa) is the elder of two hybrid girls born to the explorer Nasida, the younger daughter being Hoola (Hoolakwa); their mother was a Yoleukar originally from the southern-most reaches of the Koie island chain.

>The Professor went to university with Nasida, even sharing a couple classes; they were good friends during those years.

>The Professor married after five years of working at the university, siring two sons and a daughter of his own; the eldest of whom would become a carpenter by trade, and have direct influence in the building of his family’s house.

>Thoe, Hallie’s ‘step-sister,’ is the carpenter’s only true child; Hallie was adopted into their home via the Professor when she was four years old.

>The third hybrid of note is Thaak’wa, who is not genetically related to Hallie nor Hoola; she was artificially sired by the Slenka using DNA from a human male and Yoleukaran female (she’s one of five such trials, but the only one to live past childhood).

>Finally, the gynoid Yolua was the product of a runaway Yoleukaran tinkerer; he so happened to have been the husband of the female whose DNA resulted in Thaak’wa (their island was invaded in the night by the Slenka; many were displaced by it).

**I’ll be on a family trip for the coming two weeks, so a “Work of the Week” is likely to be very lacking during that time…


Work of the Week #11

In Fantasium, there is a place known as the City-State (“Hullheach” in the language of the City-State — “hull-heesh”).

In the Bible, there’s the well-known phrase, “let there be light.”  In Latin, this takes the form LVX SIT (lux sit).

In the ‘common-tongue’ of the City-State, this is translated as “Rayas Eviz.”  In the language of the “Ten Kings” realm (aka, the “Queendom”), it is “Theal Farran.”  In the ‘common-tongue’ of the “Realms of Men” (the Free Kings and Good Kings), it is “Yashem Azarena.”

It is a common phrase of the Lady Light faith that is practiced in many parts of the World in question.  “Rayas Eviz” can be initialed “R.E.” — the initials used by a character in Fantasium known also as “the Rogue” (his real name is Reavesta Egaran).

Work of the Week #10



In the book Pathallea, the various races there have their own standards of measuring distance.  The units used in the book are shown below:

units of measure

For comparison, 1 foot in imperial measure is equivalent to 1 “khausia” (“cow-sea-ah”).  A “kophia” (“co-fee-ah”) is essentially half as long, while a “fiergjah” (“fear-gee-ah”) is nearly half as long as a kophia.


Work of the Week #9

Work of the Week #3” was about the Warrior Poem.  This week shall be about its less-popular counterpart – the Commoner Poem.

The similarity of the meter in both works suggests the same bard devised them, but the truth about their origins has since been lost to Time…


We work the land, we work the home.
To work we go, to home we come.
We build the temples, we build the walls.
We are low to the ground, and we work the malls.
A king is good, if good he rules.
We will do as we’re told, but we are not fools.
The children go learn, they do the chores after.
We farm, cook, and cut, to avoid a disaster.
Life is good, if good is the wife.
We are hearty and bold, but we don’t need a strife.
We have what we want, we have what we need.
With our compassion, we plant every seed.
We suffer the drought, we thrive in the boom.
There’s always a worker, they always assume.
We do as we’re told, but we are not fools.
A king is good, if good he rules.

Until next time….



Work of the Week #6

Breykarian idioms/sayings…:

>”laria aealia” = ‘Resident of Aealia’ = rich/well-off person.

>”kelia kif iya” = “deja vu,” and/or, “je ne sais quoi.”

>”yar mooryis” = ‘until we’re dead’ (from the Minkathnaazrah war-speech).

>”sonke pabuskla” = a putz or dim-wit.  (a “happy Land-lubber [a large, cat-sized salamander]”)

>”siske pabuskla” = an idiot; stupidity.  (“like a Land-lubber”)

>”slenga senia” = a Politician.  (a “poisonous adder”)

>”gealickanra niks kericksnionrah” = ‘veracity and integrity’ (the Professor’s mantra).

Cheers!  😀