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Anime Spotlight #60

What a crack-pot of characters…!

Soul Eater | Toonami Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

For me, Soul Eater is only good because of how hilarious it is.  The last time I laughed so much watching an Anime was when I tried watching Kill Me, Baby!

Special students who can be matched with a special weapon in human form attend a school headed by Death himself.  There, they train and hope to capture 100 damned souls, then the soul of a witch, to achieve their highest possible forms.

Maka, and weapon Soul Eater (hence the Anime’s title), are just such a pair.  They’d almost completed their goal by episode 1…until they fluffed it up by taking the soul of a non-witch — now, they have to start all over again!

At least they’re not Star and his partner!  It’s amazing how they can’t even get one soul, and the show’s over 20 episodes long in all!

Finally, there’s “Death the Kid” and his two weapons who take the form of two sisters when in human form.  He’s easily the most powerful student at the school, being Death’s own son, but he’s eternally held up by his deathly obsession with symmetry.  People with obsessive-compulsive have absolutely nothing on Death the Kid’s need to keep everything in his life symmetric — even while his own hair betrays him!

Spoilers aside now…, if you’re up to laughing up some organs then definitely give Soul Eater a watch!  And, when you’re done with that then also feel free to watch the spin-off called Soul Eater Not!



Anime Spotlight #59

Time to break this break I’ve had from posting here!

Let’s look at some pretty girls flying some heavily-altered fighter jets!

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Mating Arpeggio of Blue Steel with Sky Girls yields Girly Air Force — and it’s fairly girly, indeed!

The main girl is Gripen, who’s based on the Cold War-era Swedish fighter jet of the same designation.  In this Anime, a Swedish Gripen was R-n-R’d to become a hybrid Human-Xi craft capable of fighting the Xi itself — the technologically-advanced alien race plaguing humanity in this show.  Gripen the girl is a gynoid created using Xi technology, who is wired to fly the Gripen — or, is supposed to!

See, poor Gripen can only fly well when her favourite guy is close to her.  And, she’s the only one who’s like that; the other two hybrid-jet girls don’t have that “issue.”  So, the guy in question eventually has to sit in the cockpit with Gripen and try to stay conscious for as long as humanly possible — which is a lot harder than with normal jets because these hybrids can maneuver like the Xi can, easily topping 10-G’s and going far beyond the human limit of gravity tolerance.

Inasmuch as the show reminds me of Arpeggio and Strike Witches, I found it to be a rather enjoyable Anime.  Maybe you’ll enjoy it, too!


Anime Spotlight #57

Feminists harping on Alita and Shield Hero better stay the hell away from this Anime below!

Characters: Clare of Claymore - Amazing Stories

A “Claymore” named Theresa strolls into town one day and murders the f–k out of a handful of Youma; a girl is freed from a Youma’s slavery in the process, and she masochistically clings to Theresa’s side.  She eventually warms to the girl, and gives her the name Clare since she’s become her other half; when the day comes for Theresa to be put down, she and Clare run off and escape the Organization at least for a while.  However, Theresa finally meets her match and is killed; Clare then turns to the Organization, and, using Theresa’s blood, becomes a Claymore herself.  Things then come full circle for Clare as she saves a young man’s life, and then chooses to hang with her despite her wishing a normal life for him.

“Claymore,” also the name of this Anime, is what Human-Youma hybrids are called; I presume they’re called that mainly because of the “claymore” longswords those particular girls wield to fight and kill Youma.  Because people tend to damn what they don’t understand, Claymores in this show are usually feared — even if they know the Claymores cannot harm them.  Claymores are employed by the “Organization,” a cabal of, presumably human, men who create Claymores from abandoned young girls and train them to be endlessly loyal to the Organization and to kill Youma wherever they appear.  Being half-Youma, Claymores must watch how much power they use in combat; using enough of their power may cause them to “awaken,” thus becoming fully Youma themselves.

Don’t worry, I haven’t spoiled much for you here.  There’s 26 episodes, subbed or dubbed, available to be enjoyed, so go ahead and check it out!  You’ll be glad you did!

Anime Spotlight #56

I’m pretty sure many support mains feel this guy’s pain…

"The Rising of the Shield Hero": Neue Details zum Opening ...

Yup, we’re going there!

“Blame everything on your support — the Anime” is probably the most concise way of getting the gist of Rising of the Shield Hero (Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari).  Another way one could put it is, “Why men are going MGTOW — the Anime.”

Shield Hero follows in Goblin Slayer‘s footsteps by ensuring only those who aren’t “NPC’s” will be able to enjoy it in its full glory, by slapping a hell of a first episode down on our faces.  Those who can’t or won’t face reality are never gonna appreciate the Truths those Anime have to give in their later episodes; brilliant, in my opinion!

For example, while Naofumi — the titular “Shield Hero” — is slapped with a false rape claim and is then forced to eke it out alone.  In passing episodes he slowly learns how to trust people again while working to keep himself free from further being dragged through mud.  Thanks, Raphtalia!  Best girl, hands down!

In the end, Shield Hero is exactly about learning to face Reality and being able to succeed in spite of it.  Like in the show, this is done with one or more good and honest friends and the ability to show those who treat you a certain way, whether well or ill, with the courtesy they deserve — though, if you can, prove yourself the better man against assholes by overcoming them through good deeds!


Anime Spotlight #54

Since I’m still preparing the next chapter of Fantasium: Freemen, let’s throw in another quick Anime post!

Surely…, you’ve never seen bad CG until you’ve seen this Anime!

Kemono Friends is Anime’s “Jungle Book,” with a tale to tell that’s worth watching once you can see past the animation quality.

The show’s Mowgli is a girl named Bag — yes, you just read that right.  The gijink-ified animals she spends time with are the “Friends” of the show, namely the Serval who tries to help Bag the human find where she belongs within Japari Park.

Each episode also has little tid-bits of information about the various Friends from zoologists, which was also pretty neat.

Also, a second season’s currently airing so if you survived the first season you can survive season two as well!

Shoebill (Kemono Friends)/#2091514 - Zerochan

Anime Spotlight #53

It’s not everyday an Anime girl suffers from blood loss when sufficiently aroused….

Anime nosebleed scientifically explained! | Canne's anime ...

STILL better than Twilight, though!

It’s Karin, the “un-vampire”!  What in the world is an “un-vampire”?

Karin, the eldest daughter of a family of vampires, does the exact opposite of vampires when she “feeds”; she injects you with blood, instead of sucking it out of you.  A consequence of that is if she can’t satiate her urges she risks suffering a major nose bleed.

She can also tolerate sunlight, garlic, and normal food, unlike her “awakened” vampire kin.  The only person more clueless than Karin is the so-called vampire hunter who can’t even recognize the (un-)vampire that he’s fallen in love with.

It’s quite a show, and refreshingly new for vampire-related media!

Anime Spotlight #51

In Anime’s quest to gijink-ify everything in existence, the most recent example is……

Cells at Work! Manga Vol. 1 @Archonia_US

……Human cells!

Welcome to Cells At Work! where the human body is a vast metropolis and the cells that make up the body are its “human” inhabitants.  *Just ignore how this Anime shows some of these cells “bleeding” and “bruising”…*

It’s an entertaining way to learn about one’s own body and the nearly countless cells that work together to make the body go.  Each personified cell is characterized via their outfit and behaviour; for example, red blood cells are dressed in red and (except for the main protagonist) has a good sense of direction while white blood cells are decked in white and are first on the scene of an invasion lashing at intruders.

Moe is a must in Anime nowadays, so thankfully there’s the platelets to fulfill that requirement for this show:

Cells at Work! – Ep. 2 | Xenodude's Scribbles

Spoilers aside, given how long red blood cells are supposed to live I’m amazed at how often deep trouble this particular human body-city gets into over the course of the season; of course, our bodies deal with minor issues daily but the number of cuts and scrapes and wounds and illnesses the show’s body experiences is quite a putz-worthy achievement!


Anime Spotlight #50

That rare Isekai Anime that’s not totally “run-of-the-mill”…

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (Etiqueta) | OtakuTime
“That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime”…

Yes, it’s that one slime Anime.

It begins like any other Isekai, with a male protagonist who never made anything spectacular with his life on Earth.  So, of course he has to die a stupid death and be transported to an MMO-type world where he has a second chance to do better.

Aaaannnnd that’s where the similarities largely end, between this Anime and prior Isekai’s like Re:Zero and KonoSuba.

On first glance, being transported to another world as a slime seems like a rather poor way to do better on your second wind.  But, logically, a slime made from special material is actually the most effective way to incorporate all the best attributes possible into one corporeal form.  Being amorphous means one can change one’s own body to accommodate any kind of ability one may have — and can easily accommodate any other ability one comes across.  Thus, it’s no wonder the slime protagonist here becomes so powerful so quickly.

At the risk of potentially spoiling more, especially since this show’s still ongoing, I’ll leave it there so you can check it out for yourself.

Anime Spotlight #48

Happy Halloween!


Let’s look at some freaky Anime, then!

Killing Bites Ep. 3: One more for the menagerie – Moe Sucks

Costumes included.  Or, should I say, inherent….

“The one with the sharpest fangs wins — that’s Killing Bites!”

Killing Bites is about the Zaibatsu families and the human-animal hybrids they make fight in order to make them money (and satiate their blood-lust).  Hitomi, the star of the show, is part Honey Badger — and is confident that she owns the sharpest fangs of them all.  If you have an aversion to gore, then it’s best to steer clear of this show.

Yuuya, on the other hand, is just some schmuck who’s unlucky enough have been forced to become Hitomi’s backer (that neither of them are happy about).  Season 1 sees this duo teamed up with a most *interesting* pair of hybrids:  a surprisingly friendly hippo-hybrid guy, and a not-surprisingly useless rabbit-hybrid girl.  Given that Yuuya’s scared of everything involving the Killing Bites games, it’s completely up to Hitomi, with some help from the hippo-guy, to win the whole tournament virtually on her lonesome.  She better have the sharpest fangs, if that be the case!

Will they get tricked, or treated…?


Anime Spotlight #47

How ARE babies made in this parallel World, anyway…?!

Picture 21
That dog is male, though….  Not sure I wanna know about mating, on second thought….

School-girl’s teacher uses a device to transport herself to a parallel Earth set in Japan’s past.  Girl herself gets caught up in the vortex, and then proceeds to search the land in vain attempt of getting a hamburger.

Welcome to Battle Girls:  Time Paradox!

In this other Earth, all Humans are female and dogs can talk (sort-of…?).  Otherwise, it is set deep within Feudal-era Japan and all historical Japanese rulers and generals, etc., here have boobs.

And, there’s magic floating around — of course there is!

Nobunaga’s big-breasted doppelganger endeavours to unite Japan through sheer military might — and a legendary piece of armour.  The misplaced girl, Hide, quickly grabs and holds Nobunaga’s interest, even at the expense of her trusty aide.

Meanwhile, Hide’s teacher is trying to make a better name for her family in this female-only World.  She doesn’t quite succeed….

That’s enough spoilers…; give the show a try!