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Anime Spotlight #5

Ange Vierge

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Being one of those Anime shows where the rookie unit spends the series trying to prove itself, and ultimately succeeding, I still found ‘Ange Vierge’ to be a show all to its own.  The primary reason for that is actually the only member of the unit NOT shown in the image above — their “Alpha Driver.”

Despite being locked into stasis by the enemy invaders in the second episode, never to come back till around the second-last episode, the Alpha Driver for the above “rookie” unit ends up still playing the biggest and most important role of all:  SHE’S the reason the other five members, shown above, overcome their shortcomings and pull through to rescue ultimately every member of one of the most elite units in the Academy they all attend.  Not bad for being comatose for 90% of the show!

Here’s the TRUE star:

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She alone is responsible, in her own way, for assembling the unit.  Without her, the starring unit of this show may not have been.

And, of course, her own way of looking after the team that she brought together was instrumental in allowing her team-mates to see during their respective moments of tribulation what they’d failed to see before that point.

There are only 12 episodes to this series, but still well worth the watch!