Hallie is a teenaged girl with unknown and possibly mysterious origins.  Found and saved by the Professor during one of his nassa’s (short for nasatineris – an expedition or journey) at the age of four, she has been trying to live a normal life ever since; navigating school, society, and her own changing self, amid the curiosity given her by her anatomical anomaly – her four arms.

The Professor… is all he’s called nowadays.  His children know him as ‘Father’, while his grandchildren call him simply ‘Uncle’.  He is a professor at the University of Aealia, in Orimar, teaching and studying in the field of archaeology and anthropology – but he is proficient in a dozen things in all, and his life and notoriety have been made through his decades of prodigious discovery and research.  It all comes to a head when he decides to take Hallie, her step-sister Thoe, and her equally intriguing friend called Yolua on another of his nassa’s, to find Hallie’s possible origins, meanwhile darker forces were brewing plans of their own…

Vicigik is a high-powered politician, and founder of the political party Shapha Sharia (or ‘Sha-Sha’, as it’s often jokingly referred) in Orimar.  He is the front-man in Orimar for a ‘cabal’ of even more powerful men and women who work from behind-the-scenes, while appearing to live more ‘benign’ lives.  His counterpart in Oramidra is Norvalus, who has successfully driven his nation close towards tyranny; and the same story holds for the Koie chain.  Together, they have been working hard to prepare their lands for a descent into total tyranny, and the catalyzing event that would finalize this transition has long been carefully calculated and set into motion.  All they need now is for everything to go according to their plans…

The Slenka are the primary force of evil in Pathallea.  A thousand years prior, they made their first full-scale advance on the rest of Pathallea, thirsty for power and domination.  However, they were beaten back by forces led by the Great King Minkathnaazrah, whom humans all over have come to revere and idolize, and pushed far underground where they remained – until now.  All the pieces have at last been moved into place.  All the forces are finally ready.  All past mistakes have been noted and learned from.  And with their technology better than ever, victory is virtually, perhaps even absolutely, certain for them.

Pathallea map

Pathallea:  The land in which it all takes place; where nothing is ever always as it seems.  A very extensive collection of volcanic islands and atolls, each containing a rich society of beings on various levels of advancement – from the ancient Yoleukara, who are most advanced of all, to the lowly ‘Furries’ of Payolla who can barely manage a straw hut.  At the core of it all is the Time-Keeper – a device created by the Yoleukara that tirelessly counts by the days passed since their ‘creation’.  It is known by all beings, and is the ultimate standard when it comes to keeping time.

A War is brewing… only Time may tell who comes out victorious.


What do you think… sound interesting?

Can’t wait now to get a copy of the finished product?

Well, as a follower of my blog, you’ll be one of the first to get that chance!  The published book will be linked-to here on this page.

Cheers!  😀


*This is my original work — any seeming similarities to other works, people, or the like, is purely unintentional and coincidental!*



3 thoughts on “Pathallea”

  1. Wow the amount of work that’s gone in is clear to see. The first line was a bit iffy tbh, I didn’t like the way you said unknown and possibly mysterious. Maybe it’s just a me thing, other than that wow it sounds complicated. Is it easy for the reader to follow all that’s going on? It sounds like a very overwhelming experience

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I appreciate the input. I understand the ‘unknown’ part of Hallie may appear iffy, but as it turns out a major plot device in the novel is that she goes out to try to remedy that ‘unknown’ — and in the meantime war ends up breaking out. That said, perhaps I can re-word it a bit to at least take some of the ‘edge’ off. We’ll see…
      I’ll have to see what I can do about the complexity thing, but unfortunately as soon as conlangs are involved that can make a story seem complicated quite quickly. I’ve put an ‘appendix’ at the back of the book, like what’s in the ‘Lord of the Rings’ books, which I hope will help to that end. The reason why I’m providing such a ‘lead-up’ on my blog is hopefully to help out in that regard, too — and so that I can receive audience input, since ultimately it’s the reader that matters, I think.
      The other thing is that it’s currently being peer-edited, but so far the sense I’m getting of it is that it’s more on the complex side of things. But that’s just a preliminary editing; I hope to revamp as much as I need to before consulting a professional editor to get the more advanced advice on it.


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