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A Fantasium Snippet!

“Fantasium” is still in the process of being written, but currently what I give below is the first chapter of the book:

In a state of hysterical fear, a young woman wearing a worn-out, ripped-up, filthy, white, one-piece dress made of itching wool runs over the mucky soil of a dense, but dead, forest.  She stumbles over protruding roots and hearty weeds, expression wild.  Her skin marred by mud and various cuts and bruises in differing stages of healing.  Her long, matted hair, like an angry fire flickering wildly from her head, ruffles in the breeze and bobs with her frantic movements.

The female, appearing no older than a teenager, breathes heavily yet quickly; it is raspy, and her ample chest heaves greatly.  Using beaten, yet still very feminine, hands, she pushes herself forward as fast as she can; as fast as her long, slender legs will take her.

Somewhere, an angry mountain crackles.  She won’t stop to look.

She won’t stop, even when she’ll become tired and too weary to carry on.  She won’t look back to see if anyone’s pursuing her.  She doesn’t know where she is.  She doesn’t know where she’s headed – she cares not about that, for so long as she heads away from where she’d been held captive for so long.  That is all she cares about.

She escaped her prison this time, but it’ll be coming for her.  Stalking her by day and haunting her by night.  Not until she can manage to leave this hell for good.  But, who knows when that may be…

Every noise, though most are from her own self, is frightening.  Every little sound threatens to be a menace out to seize her up again.  Every light an eye watching her.  Every slight motion an enemy ready to strike.  That dark, dank, deep that held her hostage for so long.  It forces her to continue running, even when her body wants to collapse and die.

Despite herself, tears build up in her large, emerald eyes, and begin trickling down her cheeks.  She’s never been so terrified.  So vulnerable.  So mortal

Happy New Year!  🙂


Pathallea ~ Snippet 3

the Resurgence

Another tease for the book…:

After more than an hour at sea, and me at the brink of absolute boredom, little Yolua scampers in, expression wild, saying that a machine is flying around in our area.

“A flying machine, Yoll?” I clarify; her statement sounds like fantasy.

“Yeah.  A flying machine, Hal,” she clarifies in return.  I’m still stupefied, however.

“That’s probably not good,” responds Uncle from the alcove that is the steering hub just on the other side of the partition separating it from the dinner table, as I am already making my way onto the deck in the hope of seeing what Yoll saw.

Good as gold, Yoll is, as I can clearly see a metallic-looking dragonfly-looking craft…

Coming right for us…

My strong heart literally skips a beat, as I scamper madly back toward the cabin.  Colliding head-on with Yoll, who was just making her way back out.  My momentum causes us both to crash against the now-closed wooden door.

Without hardly any chance on my part to even conceive of my next move, let alone to process it and much less carry it out, I feel something grab gruffly at my backside.  The force of whoever had grabbed me, pulling me up and away, was apparently enough to knock me out.

My very last recollection being Yolua’s squeal of terror in my face, and her clutching to my neck, as we were both whisked away in a flash…


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!  🙂

Pathallea ~ snippet 2…

Hallie pic

“Hey, girl!” comes an uncanny, somewhat musical voice from my right.  Thoe…

I snap out of my preoccupation, and quickly reach for a plate and utensils.  I start putting food on my plate, and I resist the urge to blush obscenely.

“Was that an infatuation I just witnessed, Hal?” Thoe speaks again, clearly badgering me about it.  She’s like that…

So am I, actually…

I guess that happens after spending many years with Step-dad.

“Think what you will,” I simply reply, returning a smile to her before returning once more to food.

I try to steal another look at Maphis, but no such luck this time.  He’s gone elsewhere, beyond my sights now.

“I could help you out with that, you know, given my prowess in dating,” enters Thoe again.

“Rely on a girl who cannot hold a man for more than a year?  Yeah…” I remark, confidently for once.

“Who chokes up when things get tense?”

Fair enough…

“It has to be me, Thoe,” I say, folding, “it has to be me…”

With that, I give her another kind smile, and continue on with my food business.

Another excerpt from Pathallea…

The girl in the center is named “Hallie.”  She is a human-hybrid being with four arms.

Cheers!  🙂


Pathallea ~ snippet…

Break the November shut-out…:


The date was and the 9th day of the Cycle when great King Minkathnaazrah stood on the beaches of Arkoul, in the Ile Kyira chain, and, with the awesome weight of his thousands-strong army, proceeded to lay siege to the fortress of the evil Slenka and their forces using the most advanced siege weapons of his time.  By sunset, the stronghold had been razed to the ground, and was being consumed by hungry flames whose tendrils lapped at the sky itself.  So ended the Great War…

So opens the ‘story’, otherwise called Pathallea


Pathallea: The Basics of Thoul, part 2.

Other Pronoun Forms:

Where = larr            There = lirr               Here = lurr

When = yarr            Then = yirr                If = yurr                   Now = yorr

Whence = warr        Thence = wirr           Hence = wurr

Wherefor = sharr     Therefor = shirr        Herefor = shurr       How come = sherr

Which = theks         Whether = thoks

>>”Wherefor” = “Why”; “Herefor” = “How.”


To = yil                     From = yel             Near = yilk            Away = yelk

In = il                        Out = el                  Inside = ilk           Outside = elk

On = ik                     Off = ek                  Upon = ic             Off of = ec

Up = ber                   Down = bor            Over = berk         Under = bork

Before = beri            After = bori             In front = berik     Behind = borik

Within = ilpha           Without = elpha      With = pha

Through = phik           Across = phuk          Along = phak         At = yeck

Beside = thik               Between = thuk       Among = thak        Beyond = yock


And = niks                Or = nuks               Either = uks

Neither = huks          Nor = muks            For = rok             Against = rek

And/or = meks          And not = miks

So = aks                   Yet = eks                But = oks


Because = gegek      For = ge                  Other = ora          Another = orra

Thus = thiks              Rather = thuks       Though = thaks    Than = theck    Same = thack

As = ock                    Like = eck        Unlike = meck           As () as = ok-()-k

All = a          Many = um            Some = om           Few = em            None = im

Always = am         Any = eh        Few = mum          Much = u        Every = mam

More = ner           Most = ser          Ever = ker     Never = iker       Even = kerk

Although = gedeg    Almost = gekeg      Altogether = gedek     Also = gek

Since = phiks         Thorough = phigik      Well = phuk     Again = phis        About = phus

>>The above prepositions, conjunctions, and adverbs are arranged according to word similarities; not so much according to their actual semantic value (although that is still mostly the case).  For example, ‘because’ is not an adverb, but conjugates like one (due to it deriving from ‘of’).


Thoul numbers are easily conjugated, and thus overall more on the boring side of things…

0 = ih                0th = ihkya                   (ihtya)                          11 = eshe

1 = e               1st = ekya                  Once = etya              12 = eshes

2 = es               2nd = eskya                 Twice = estya             13 = esher

3 = er                3rd = erkya                  Thrice = ertya             20 = esesh

4 = em              4th = emkya                 (emtya)                        30 = eresh

5 = ey               5th = eykya                  (eytya)                         100 = ash

6 = eye           6th = eyekya              (eyetya)                     1,000 = ath

7 = eyes           7th = eyeskya              (eyestya)                     1,000,000 = ay

8 = eyer            8th = eyerkya              (eyertya)

9 = eyem           9th = eyemkya             (eyemtya)

10 = esh            10th = eshkya              (eshtya)

Half = ecesa                         Three-quarter = ercema

Third = ecera                        Two-third = escera

Quarter = ecema                  Three-half = ercesa

Fifth = eceya                        Four-third = emcera

Sixth = eceyea

Seventh = eceyesa

Eighth = eceyera

Ninth = eceyema

Tenth = ecesha

AND THAT CONCLUDES PART TWO!  More on Thoul grammar to come, eventually…



University is in full swing, and with this new work-load you’ve certainly noticed my sheer lack of activity here.

That’ll continue for, I think, at least another month.

In other news, Pathallea‘s about ready to see a professional editor.  Someone who edits sci-fi/fantasy novels is best.

Anyone of such profession out there in the World?  If so, then I’d like to hear from you!


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