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The Blogger Recognition Award!


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My first award for this blog of mine!  Yay!  Many thanks to Yahari Bento for nominating me for this!



So… what’s the point?

The main purpose of this blog of mine is to complement my deviantART page ( and to see if there’s any interest in the books I’m composing via the tid-bits I post here and @ dA.  Every now and then, I also post about other things — like Anime.

For what it’s worth…:

1 ~ Don’t read around blogs and sites about how to make good blog posts.  What works for one person may not work for you, so just do you!  Unless you personally agree with the advice, I’ve found it’s better to go your own way.

2 ~ (related to 1, above) Be yourself!  It’s always better, in the end, in life, to be yourself than to hide behind a mask; feel free to make several separate blogs (you can do that for free with WordPress), according to what you want to do with each one, but still authenticity is a trait people seem to want to seek out nowadays.


Honour Roll:

1 = OnceEachDay.

2 = Barnaby Taylor.

3 = Gaia Svan.

4 = Logical Quotes.

5 = Story Time with Mr. E.

6 = Storytime with John.

7 = Cristian Mihai.

8 = Grady P Brown.

9 = ZEAH Academy.

10 = The Survival Library.

11 = swo8.

12 = Karandi.

13 = See, there’s this thing called biology….

14 = simple Ula.

15 =

Whew!  I managed!  Let’s see if any of my picks do a post of their own….


Mike Rowe Gives Advice To Students: “Never Follow Your Passion” — peoples trust toronto

Mike Rowe has some truthiness for those students who are “following their passion” without possessing the skills necessary to accomplish what they’re trying to do. “You’ve all been given some terrible advice, and that advice is this: follow your passion.” The former host of Dirty Jobs tells it like it is by explaining to students […]

via Mike Rowe Gives Advice To Students: “Never Follow Your Passion” — peoples trust toronto

Have you just published a book? — A Good Book is Hard to Find

Want to share the link and information about your book with us? Feel free and leave a comment about your book below! Don’t forget to check out the Online Book Store! For more information on promoting your book through please visit the following link!

via Have you just published a book? — A Good Book is Hard to Find


University is in full swing, and with this new work-load you’ve certainly noticed my sheer lack of activity here.

That’ll continue for, I think, at least another month.

In other news, Pathallea‘s about ready to see a professional editor.  Someone who edits sci-fi/fantasy novels is best.

Anyone of such profession out there in the World?  If so, then I’d like to hear from you!


Let’s share some lesser-known sci-fi/fantasy novels!

This is a tag…   A tag that I just made-up; because I can.

Feel free to take part, on your own blog.

Let’s do this!


Obscure/lesser-known sci-fi/fantasy books you’ve read:

... view a larger cover image of "Aliens Ate My Homework" by Bruce Covilleselection of The Magic Tree house Booksfrom the fair in the mid 80s were bunnicula by james howe

>Aliens Ate My Homework is one of a number of books on the same theme.  Came across this book by chance at a yard sale, as a kid.  Read it and loved it.  The book title says it all — aliens, miniaturized at-first, come and suddenly start devouring a young boy’s science project (a papier-mache volcano).

>The Magic Treehouse is basically ‘Dr. Who’ and ‘Magic School Bus’ combined.  Also an extensive book-series I found by chance as a kid; this time inside my local library.  The treehouse in question is one that a brother and sister find while playing in the woods behind their house, and they find that it can take them places when they open a book kept within and wish to go there.  I was literally addicted to this series as a child.

>Bunnicula was a book-project novel one of my years in Elementary School.  It’s cute; from the perspective of house-pets that suddenly take on another — in this case, a rabbit.  Usually book-project novels aren’t very likable, but this one’s an exception.

Obscure/lesser-known books you’re currently reading:

The Rise of Ransom City by Felix GilmanThe Windup Girl

>The Rise of Ransom City is a sci-fi/fantasy book about a character named Harry Ransom, who, after a lifetime of prodigious accomplishment, decides to do one last great thing — create a utopian-like city.  The book documents the series of events that led to this feat.  Just started reading it; liking it so far.

>The Windup Girl I just finished reading.  It takes place in a future Earth where fossil fuels have run out, and calories have become the new cash.  It’s set in Thailand, and the way chapters are divided in this book has become inspiration for the division of chapters in my own book-to-be: Pathallea.

Obscure/lesser-known books you’d like to read:

Expedition book coverTop Ten Tuesdays – Covers I Wish I Could Redesign

>Expedition is a most interesting book…  It tells of an expedition by a crew of astronauts to a recently-discovered system called ‘Darwin’; specifically, to an inhabited world called ‘Darwin IV’.  All the aliens and scenery in the book were drawn by the author himself — and it’s the inspiration for a coming book of my own about an alien planet that I created.

>Partials is the first book in a series about a dystopic future wherein a virus has decimated humanity, while they battle engineered, human-like beings called ‘Partials’ for control of what’s left.  I’m looking forward to reading this series.


Look interesting?  Why not give the books a look!  And while you’re at it, why not take part in this tag yourself; tell us about some neat, uncommon sci-fi/fantasy books you’ve come across!