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Work of the Week #15

This week:  the Freemen!

The Freemen are the third primary alliance in Fantasium, and are a coalition of primarily Mortals with specific skills and a common interest in “Liberty, Life, and Light.”

The Freemen:

>>The Rogue (R.E.) ~ Team leader; a very libertarian-minded man, he set up the Freemen in an effort to fight the primary Dark forces (particularly the Archivists) in place of the disarrayed Watchers.  He’s learned long-lost arts such as sun-grazing and astral projection, which provides him his primary power.

>>The Clockwork Child (Ashtan) ~ The first true Freemen recruit and the team’s only Immortal.  Ashtan was an infant Child that was caught in an Archivist experiment that turned her into clockwork; her power is with fire, and the longbow that she found and since uses to direct her power.

>>Dassan & Kessen ~ Two Hybrids, and the jokers of the team.  Dassan takes the form of a stag, while Kessen takes that of a tiger.  Like all Hybrids, “Dass” and “Kess” appear animalistic but in fact have Human levels of intelligence and can also speak.

>>The Old Guru ~ Resident of a secluded temple once dedicated to the Watchers and the collection of wisdom, and one of the last living Mortals who can trace lineage to the Peregrine.  He’s responsible for helping the Rogue perfect his skills in the various arts.

>>Arreshya ~ A Silver Guard defector, she is extremely skilled in martial arts and blade-wielding.  An agent, tactician, and assassin for the Guard, she now fulfills this role for the Freemen.

>>Dellinas (the Boar) ~ A mercenary living in the pirate town of Ravinem, his reputation of great success in his work and great distaste towards centralized authority have now been put to use in the fight against the forces of Darkness.

>>Seathier ~ The current living Bard, and only one currently part of two alliances; provides artistic relief for group.

>>Mirror (Ictheal) ~ A teenaged, female Shapeshifter found by R.E. as an orphan and taken in; her primary role is to mirror an Archivist figure and gather information about the Agenda.

>>Thrill-seeker (Tomeran) ~ A middle-aged man who made a living performing daring stunts for eager audiences, until he was let-go by his agency; now, he’s a front-man for Freemen missions.



Work of the Week #14

Last week was about the Watchers…  This week shall be about the Archivists (the primary antagonistic force in Fantasium).

The Archivists:

THE CITY-STATE ~ The center of the Archivists.  The City’s government includes the President (the most powerful non-noble Man in the City), the Prime Minister (the second-most powerful non-noble Man, controls commerce, trade, and banking), Sheriff (third-most powerful non-noble Man, controls the military and police), King and Queen (most powerful nobles in the City, one level above President; non-stately nobility include prince/princess, duke/duchess, and baron/baroness), High Priest (one level of power above King/Queen, most powerful in the religious realm and is usually a Hybrid), and finally Witch-king and Witch-queen (Mages that rule the City, they contain absolute power and rule from the shadows; hid themselves when the Peregrine was captured).

THE ALLIANCE ~ an alliance involving the City-State, its military, peace-keepers, a number of Fae queendoms and Earthling kingdoms, and (secretly) the Fae-based group called the Rebels.  Their primary objective is to bring all the Fae-lands and Earthling kingdoms under the purview of the City-State while stating it is for the benefit of all; the Rebels are meant to help the process along by setting up terror-type attacks that the City’s military can clean up afterwards.

THE FREE KINGS ~ an alliance of kings who specialize in trade and commerce.  Their networks and banks are renowned throughout, the purpose of both being for the Free Kings to transition all the World along according to the agendas of their true masters (the Mages).

THE GOOD KINGS ~ another alliance of kings, these ones exemplified historically by their uprightness, steadfastness, and great honour and nobility.  Joining the Archivists under the belief that it’d serve them well, the Good Kings are now mere shadows of their former selves – now providing for the City a strong military (the Golden Guard) and collecting and storing the historic and literary artifacts from across the lands at their private libraries and museums.

THE TEN KINGS ~ yet another alliance of kings; on the outside this group of Men have been defunct for a long time, but secretly they are ten Men who are masterful merchants, market-tenders, and law-men who dictate the running of their old lands from the shadows.

THE QUEENDOM ~ the Queendom resides presently over what was once the Ten Kings realm.  A femdom in its own right, the Empress claims absolute power over it but in fact her orders come from the Ten Kings.

THE GOLDEN GUARD ~ the Good Kings’ standing army and considered the most competent military force in all the realms; one must advance through the ranks of the Silver Guard in order to become a Golden Guard.

THE SILVER GUARD ~ the Good Kings’ special forces unit and considered the most competent in all the realms; one must advance through the Copper Guard in order to become a Silver Guard.

THE COPPER GUARD ~ the Good Kings’ police force and considered the most competent in all the realms; one must be at least 13 years old, and have completed their primary education, to join.

THE BROTHERHOOD ~ a group of males deeply into the occult who began as circus performers and magicians; now, they continue the circus tradition but with the added rites and rituals common to occult groups.

THE SISTERHOOD ~ a group of females, typically wives to the men of the Brotherhood, who began as nurses and caretakers; now, they preside over healthcare and nursing and dictate its processes (alongside an occult-like hierarchy that gives it an occult-like structure).

THE MAGES ~ the masterminds behind the Archivists; those that are members do so in secret.  Deeply into the occult, the Mages have always driven the course of Human history from shadows, ever since the end of the Five Waves.  As children of the Gods, the Mages are innately intelligent, are immortal, and possess a number of magical powers.


Work of the Week #13

In Fantasium, there’s an alliance of powerful beings called “the Watchers.”  This benevolent group was created during the Five Waves for the purpose of having a coalition of powerful beings working together to fight the Darkness, but has since fallen into memory with the disappearance (capture) of the team leader…

The Watchers:

THE PEREGRINE ~ Team leader; Peregrine (Khirthsta is her true name) is a Semimortal (a being that is perpetually reborn after death like a phoenix) who abandoned life in the Immortal Realms for a life of adventure and of aiding the Mortals in times of trouble.  Like the Gods, Semimortals like Khirthsta have two forms: a “sub-form” (“mortal” form, always human in appearance) and a “super-form” (“immortal” form; angellic for Semimortals).

AEVA ~ The only Elemental being that resides in the Mortal Realms and that is part of an alliance; Aeva is the Elemental of Nature, and is the mother of Yaw/Way.  She resides at the core of the Mortal Realms, and ensures balance throughout.  Her physical form is of a vegetation-covered cow, or a humanoid, feminine cow-form.

YAW + WAY ~ The only Etherial being that resides in the Mortal Realms, and one of two that is part of an alliance (the other being Lady Dark); Yaw and Way are an entity that has two distinct bodies but is of one spirit and soul.  Yaw is the deathly, feminine manifestation of the entity, while Way is the lively, masculine manifestation; Yaw’s physical form is of a Jackal, while Way’s is of a Hare (Jackal brings dead souls back to the Aether, while Hare endows the yet-to-be-born creatures with a soul from the Aether).

THE MORTAL GOD ~ The God presiding over the Mortal Realms; his sub-form is of a gold-clad king with magical long-sword in-hand, while his super-form is of a bejeweled, mighty stag.  All Gurus (exceptionally wise Mortals) and their descendents are ultimately his children.

THE FALLEN ANGEL ~ Barrakhein the Archangel, once the commander of an army of Angels, was accused and convicted (falsely) of aiding the Peregrine during the Five Waves; as a result, he was “fallen” — and so decided to become a Watcher.  With his powers stripped, his only solace is in the Watchers, his broad-sword, and his ability to fly (albeit now with bird-like wings instead of energetic ones).

THE RISEN DEMON ~ Yahuyyul the Demon, like the Archangel, was displaced from her original titles and positions at the close of the Five Waves; unlike Barrakhein, who “fell,” Yahuyyul “rose” to become a member of the Watchers.  As can be expected, the relations between Yahuyyul and Barrakhein have never been, and likely will never be, very cordial.

THE APOTHECARIAN ~ He is an Avatar (a child of Lady Light, who is perpetually reincarnated after every death) presiding over the practice of apothecary.  The present Apothecarian is a Human named Azkarchas.

THE WITCHDOCTOR ~ She is a mage (an Immortal with only one form), who presides over apothecary and witch-doctory.  She seeks out and trains each new Apothecarian.

THE TINKER ~ He is an Avatar, who presides over the practice of craft and invention.  The present Tinker is an Earthling named Duittal (he made himself immortal by replacing his biological body with an artificial one; Duittal was the fifth Tinker).  His notable creation is of the mechanical Gear-heads, who seek out Gurus and Star-seeds for the Peregrine Academy.

THE MERRY-MAKER ~ She is a Child (offspring of a Semimortal and a God) who makes her life providing entertainment at children’s parties, training each new Bard, and presiding over her creations — the Familiars — who seek out children who could use a good friend (only the child can see their Familiar, and the Familiar stays with their mate for life).

THE WAYFARER ~ He is a Child who makes his life traveling the Mortal Realms giving gifts to children on their birthdays.  The Merry-Maker is his younger sister (both were born to the Mortal God).

THE BARD ~ Another Avatar; this one presides over music, art, and theatre.  The present Bard is a Human male named Seathier.

THE MARTIALIST ~ Another Avatar; this one presides over strategy, war, and the martial arts.  The present Martialist is a Human female named Seqqen.

THE HEADMASTER ~ The Headmaster is the one who presides over the Peregrine’s Academy; this position is always taken by a Mortal, and every current Headmaster selects an apprentice to carry on the role upon the current’s death.  The present Headmaster is a Human male named Dalnen.


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Work of the Week #12

A little ‘family tree’ exercise, for Pathallea…:

>Hallie (Haalihwa) is the elder of two hybrid girls born to the explorer Nasida, the younger daughter being Hoola (Hoolakwa); their mother was a Yoleukar originally from the southern-most reaches of the Koie island chain.

>The Professor went to university with Nasida, even sharing a couple classes; they were good friends during those years.

>The Professor married after five years of working at the university, siring two sons and a daughter of his own; the eldest of whom would become a carpenter by trade, and have direct influence in the building of his family’s house.

>Thoe, Hallie’s ‘step-sister,’ is the carpenter’s only true child; Hallie was adopted into their home via the Professor when she was four years old.

>The third hybrid of note is Thaak’wa, who is not genetically related to Hallie nor Hoola; she was artificially sired by the Slenka using DNA from a human male and Yoleukaran female (she’s one of five such trials, but the only one to live past childhood).

>Finally, the gynoid Yolua was the product of a runaway Yoleukaran tinkerer; he so happened to have been the husband of the female whose DNA resulted in Thaak’wa (their island was invaded in the night by the Slenka; many were displaced by it).

**I’ll be on a family trip for the coming two weeks, so a “Work of the Week” is likely to be very lacking during that time…


Work of the Week #11

In Fantasium, there is a place known as the City-State (“Hullheach” in the language of the City-State — “hull-heesh”).

In the Bible, there’s the well-known phrase, “let there be light.”  In Latin, this takes the form LVX SIT (lux sit).

In the ‘common-tongue’ of the City-State, this is translated as “Rayas Eviz.”  In the language of the “Ten Kings” realm (aka, the “Queendom”), it is “Theal Farran.”  In the ‘common-tongue’ of the “Realms of Men” (the Free Kings and Good Kings), it is “Yashem Azarena.”

It is a common phrase of the Lady Light faith that is practiced in many parts of the World in question.  “Rayas Eviz” can be initialed “R.E.” — the initials used by a character in Fantasium known also as “the Rogue” (his real name is Reavesta Egaran).

Work of the Week #10



In the book Pathallea, the various races there have their own standards of measuring distance.  The units used in the book are shown below:

units of measure

For comparison, 1 foot in imperial measure is equivalent to 1 “khausia” (“cow-sea-ah”).  A “kophia” (“co-fee-ah”) is essentially half as long, while a “fiergjah” (“fear-gee-ah”) is nearly half as long as a kophia.


Work of the Week #9

Work of the Week #3” was about the Warrior Poem.  This week shall be about its less-popular counterpart – the Commoner Poem.

The similarity of the meter in both works suggests the same bard devised them, but the truth about their origins has since been lost to Time…


We work the land, we work the home.
To work we go, to home we come.
We build the temples, we build the walls.
We are low to the ground, and we work the malls.
A king is good, if good he rules.
We will do as we’re told, but we are not fools.
The children go learn, they do the chores after.
We farm, cook, and cut, to avoid a disaster.
Life is good, if good is the wife.
We are hearty and bold, but we don’t need a strife.
We have what we want, we have what we need.
With our compassion, we plant every seed.
We suffer the drought, we thrive in the boom.
There’s always a worker, they always assume.
We do as we’re told, but we are not fools.
A king is good, if good he rules.

Until next time….



Work of the Week #8

A Thoul “traditional song”…

Called the “Worker’s Song,” it is, and has been, primarily sung by Breykarian miners on their way to work and while working.  The English transliteration is not very special, but the Thoul version is meant to sound as if the worker singing it starts off jolly and fresh and ends all tired and beat.


To work we go, to work we go.
To work we go, to work we go.
To work we go, to work we go.
We work today.
We work hard, we work hard.
We work hard, we work hard.
We work hard, we work hard.
To earn our life.
We work the day, we work the day.
We work the day, we work the day.
We work the day, we work the day.
To feed our families.
To home we come, to home we come.
To home we come, to home we come.
To home we come, to home we come.
After another long day.
So we can do it all again tomorrow.


Egkleyle laeyis, Egkleyle laeyis
Egkleyle laeyis, Egkleyle laeyis
Egkleyle laeyis, Egkleyle laeyis
Kleyleis Kifthia
Maeiya kleyleis, Maeiya kleyleis
Maeiya kleyleis, Maeiya kleyleis
Maeiya kleyleis, Maeiya kleyleis
Haraisi iokyora
Thia kleyleis, Thia kleyleis
Thia kleyleis, Thia kleyleis
Thia kleyleis, Thia kleyleis
Cendiaisi iodenea
Eglaria raeyis, Eglaria raeyis
Eglaria raeyis, Eglaria raeyis
Eglaria raeyis, Eglaria raeyis
Bori orra liginyiya
Aks klaeis narra aya phisya borithiya

Cheers!  🙂


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