Anime Spotlight #54

Since I’m still preparing the next chapter of Fantasium: Freemen, let’s throw in another quick Anime post!

Surely…, you’ve never seen bad CG until you’ve seen this Anime!

Kemono Friends is Anime’s “Jungle Book,” with a tale to tell that’s worth watching once you can see past the animation quality.

The show’s Mowgli is a girl named Bag — yes, you just read that right.  The gijink-ified animals she spends time with are the “Friends” of the show, namely the Serval who tries to help Bag the human find where she belongs within Japari Park.

Each episode also has little tid-bits of information about the various Friends from zoologists, which was also pretty neat.

Also, a second season’s currently airing so if you survived the first season you can survive season two as well!

Shoebill (Kemono Friends)/#2091514 - Zerochan

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