‘The Third Test’

The Third Test awaited us the next day.  As usual, a large closed doorway with a carving into it meets us.

The doorway image shows a number of young women staring longingly in our direction.  It looks like one has to pass them by in order to pass along the street they stand alongside and thereby make it to the other side.

“Dass and Kess, you’re up!” Cɪrthsta claps her hands together.  “All you gotta do is pass by a number of exceptionally sexy girls and find the key that will open the doors on the other side of a short street.  The rest of us will hang out at the entranceway till you’ve made it, then we can make it to you without harm.”  Dass and Kess look at each other.  It makes sense that they’d bo chosen for this one, given how they’ve acted so differently towards generally good-looking girls back at the Academy.

They both take a deep breath, and then step forward opening the doors for us to enter.

On the other side is a cobblestone street no longer than 100 meters.  Apartment houses hug the street all along the way, while a strip of a bright light runs across a high ceiling to this room and illuminates the entire area like a sun.  Standing casually about the street sides, near building foyers and by half-a-dozen streetlamps, are as many as fifty dress-wearing girls each ready with inviting smiles, sexy bodies, and youthful vitality.

The rest of us stand against the closing entranceway doors while Dass and Kess stride forward assuming their usual demeanours towards females in general.

The key to open the far doorway is actually very straight-forward to find, lying right in the middle of the street.  Normally, I presume, one would head straight for the key only to be stymied by the girls hovering nearby; then, one would be overwhelmed by their beauty and be taken by one or more of them in the hope of “getting lucky”; then, theoretically, one won’t be living past that day.

Kess forges ahead to grab the key, since he has a better chance of using it properly due to how his paws are structured.  He reaches the key and picks it up while half-a-dozen girls swarm onto him, cooing to him and gingerly stroking his fur.  “Yeah-yeah, I know I’m very pet-able,” he sighs and presses forward, meandering among the ever-growing crowd of girls clustering in around him and Dass who is trying to follow behind him.

“Dude, just trample ‘em,” states Dass as he starts pushing his way through.  “It’s just easier that way.”  For Dass, anyway, that appears to be the case, as he pushes some of them aside and knocks others over who were standing in his way.

“Ah, yeah!  This is easier, mate!” concurs Kess as he begins doing the same.  Even while knocked over, and even stepped on, the girls continue in earnest to woo the duo into a stupour that they can work with.  But, it’s all to no avail.

Within mere minutes, Kess reaches the other door and unlocks it with the key.  The door opens up and the girls suddenly retreat away into the apartment houses.  “Time to go, folks!” cheers Cɪrthsta.

We exit the dungeon with ease, thanks to the incredible skill of the two sapient mammalians in our group.  They demand to fondle Cɪrthsta’s boobs upon exiting, though, as a reward for having to put up with that nonsense.  She happily obliges, and what follows is difficult for the rest of us to watch for very long.

Another dungeon completed, thus another day remains for us to do as we wish.  Thankfully, an open biosphere exists not long beyond the dungeon full of fresh air and good-tasting fruit.

We set up camp at another outpost beyond the biosphere, though this one has no associated portal.  Instead, another tunnel leads to somewhere else – somewhere we’ll be checking out tomorrow, apparently.


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