Anime Spotlight #38

I recently re-watched some Sailor Moon episodes, and holy crap was I surprised at the things present in the plot when the girls weren’t being girly and shit!

Sailor Moon. : pics
The originals….

This show’s another long trip down memory lane.  Back then, the extent of my watching of this Anime was only so far as catching bits and pieces of it on TV every so often when I was finding something more interesting to watch.  More recently, though, with all my esoteric knowledge gained over the years, I decided to chance viewing the series again to see if it got anymore interesting.

Well, it did….

I’ve mentioned David Icke, in passing, with Kill la Kill and Symphogear, and once again I find stupid-high levels of occultism hiding in plain sight — at least, within the episodes I was able to re-watch.  I managed part-way into the second season of the show, before Tuxedo Mask’s random appearances and Sailor Moon’s princess-y behaviour began outweighing all the symbolism I was finding.  Showing up at opportune moments, throwing a rose (with surprisingly miraculous properties) with a word of encouragement, and then flying off again gets Scooby-Doo old after a while!

The first two villains Sailor Moon had to fight had modus operandi that eerily shadow occurrences in modern society.  Jadeite, for example, was forever responsible for big, flashy buildings meant to target demographics via advertising propaganda — casinos, cram-schools, and fitness centers, anyone?  His successor, meanwhile, opted instead to target an otherwise ordinary individual, drastically increase their creative output, and then crash-and-burn hard — Justin Bieber, Amanda Bynes, and Amy Winehouse, anyone?  Either way, these minions are always working to collect Human energies to feed to their slumbering overlord — Archons and Demiurge, anyone?

At least one cool thing came out of Sailor Moon…:  Star Guardian Lux!

Star Guardian Lux shines eternal