Anime Spotlight #28

With a name like “Black Cat,” how could she NOT be a “witch”?!

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Brynhildr in the Darkness is one of those Anime whose title doesn’t really make any obvious sense in relation to the show itself.  “Brynhildr” is a Norse queen of Valkyries, and I guess the girls in this show can also be considered “Valkyries”; let’s chalk it up to a severe lack of Norse mythology knowledge…!

Basically, this one’s a Harem Anime.  It’s a Harem Anime typical of Harem Anime shows, with an average guy, who sucks at dealing with hot girls, acquires a gang of hot girls — most of them Tsundere in nature.  In this show, the girls happen to come with special powers.  This series is not quite as light as Harem Anime tend to be (perhaps a reference to the “Darkness” part of the series’ title?).

“Neko Kuroha” is Murakami’s first run-in with a so-called “Witch” (because they appear to wield powers that seem magical), and his first harem-mate.  Neko turns out to be his old childhood friend, whom he called “Kuroneko.”

Soon enough, more Witches, escaping from a secret underground facility located near the town where Murakami lives, come along and make themselves known to him.  His desire to help these girls free themselves fully from the grasp of their old handlers drives the majority of this series.  Also, aliens….

Brynhildr has only one season, with sub and dub options to watch.


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