Anime Spotlight #19

Girls und Panzer — possibly the coolest Anime, ever.

Image result for girls und panzer
Is it Tankery?  Tankwondo?  Or Sensha-do?

School girls live on large, aircraft carrier-like ships, where they can learn to drive well-known WWI/II- and Cold War-era tanks and proceed to shoot each other with said tanks in special tournaments on land.  What could possibly go wrong here?!

Well…, physics apparently.  While some of the moves the girls pull of in their tanks are possible, others certainly are not (at least, not without a whole lot of skill or plain dumb luck).  The on-tank, roller-coaster traverse scene is one such example; in that particular case, it’s the getting-on the roller-coaster tracks that’d be the greatest challenge; once on, the tiny tank in question could straddle the rails as shown — friction could be a problem, though, and it’d be interesting to see if friction between the tank and rails is comparable to that of an actual coaster train.

It’s kinda like a World of Tanks game, derp-wise, but Anime-style….

And then there’s Mako Reizei….  She’s arguably my favourite Tankery girl on the show, namely because she’s surprisingly intelligent (and witty) and she doesn’t know what a “morning” is.

Image result for girls und panzer reizei
I hear you, Mako….

‘Nuff said.



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