Work of the Week #12

A little ‘family tree’ exercise, for Pathallea…:

>Hallie (Haalihwa) is the elder of two hybrid girls born to the explorer Nasida, the younger daughter being Hoola (Hoolakwa); their mother was a Yoleukar originally from the southern-most reaches of the Koie island chain.

>The Professor went to university with Nasida, even sharing a couple classes; they were good friends during those years.

>The Professor married after five years of working at the university, siring two sons and a daughter of his own; the eldest of whom would become a carpenter by trade, and have direct influence in the building of his family’s house.

>Thoe, Hallie’s ‘step-sister,’ is the carpenter’s only true child; Hallie was adopted into their home via the Professor when she was four years old.

>The third hybrid of note is Thaak’wa, who is not genetically related to Hallie nor Hoola; she was artificially sired by the Slenka using DNA from a human male and Yoleukaran female (she’s one of five such trials, but the only one to live past childhood).

>Finally, the gynoid Yolua was the product of a runaway Yoleukaran tinkerer; he so happened to have been the husband of the female whose DNA resulted in Thaak’wa (their island was invaded in the night by the Slenka; many were displaced by it).

**I’ll be on a family trip for the coming two weeks, so a “Work of the Week” is likely to be very lacking during that time…



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