Work of the Week #11

In Fantasium, there is a place known as the City-State (“Hullheach” in the language of the City-State — “hull-heesh”).

In the Bible, there’s the well-known phrase, “let there be light.”  In Latin, this takes the form LVX SIT (lux sit).

In the ‘common-tongue’ of the City-State, this is translated as “Rayas Eviz.”  In the language of the “Ten Kings” realm (aka, the “Queendom”), it is “Theal Farran.”  In the ‘common-tongue’ of the “Realms of Men” (the Free Kings and Good Kings), it is “Yashem Azarena.”

It is a common phrase of the Lady Light faith that is practiced in many parts of the World in question.  “Rayas Eviz” can be initialed “R.E.” — the initials used by a character in Fantasium known also as “the Rogue” (his real name is Reavesta Egaran).


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