Work of the Week #3

Primary literary work in the book Pathallea.

It’s called the Warrior Poem, and in Thoul goes thus:

warrior poem

In English…:

From plains we come, to fields we go.

With strength of heart, body and soul.

And know no fear, as we come near.

And feel our wrath, our swords and our spears.

Armed and armoured, we fight with our might.

Today we fight, we fight tonight.

We fight as one, we fight as all.

And never will you make us all fall.

We charge, we roar, we shake the ground.

To a common end, our hopes can be found.

We will fight to the death, and make trophies of you.

It’s for love and for life, you’ll see what we’d do.

If you come from above, we will take to the skies.

You cannot take our pride, nor our will to survive.

If darkness falls, we will burn up the night.

Today we fight, we fight tonight.

(May we have the grace of a thousand horses, the might of a thousand hammers, and the legacy of a thousand kings)

Cheers!  🙂



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