Pathallea: The Land.

Pathallea is the name of the land that is the entire ‘setting’ for the story…

Pathallea map

All names are given in the language of the humans of Pathallea — called Thouldaara (‘Thoul’).

Both ‘Piaromea’ and ‘Koie’ archipelagos are divided into three sections, the north-most of the two being known and explored.

Stars denote ‘capitol’ islands — Tereik and Terikoua for Yol Kyire, Arkoul for Ile Kyira, Agrobask for Koie (upper), Priethka for Orimar, and finally Cynigie for Oramidra.

Close-up’s of most of the island chains are below:

Pathallea Oramidra Pathallea Orimar Pathallea Yol KyirePathallea Ile Kyira Pathallea Koie

*Yol Kyire is inhabited by two ‘elven’ beings; the Alka and Yoleukara.  The Alkan ‘capitol’ is Terikoua, while the Yoleukar’s is Tereik.  Ile Kyira is inhabited by more vile entities; the Slenkara (aka, ‘Slenka’, which are the more advanced race) and the Rycka (not as intelligent).

*The human-occupied Pathallea is confined to the lands east of the sea called ‘Kentara’…  Much of the Koie and Piaromea archipelagos are inhabited by tribal-like humans, while Orimar, Oramidra, and the ‘Koie Upper’ chains comprise the ‘civilized’ populations — these lands are collectively often called Breykaria, as ‘Human’ in Thoul is ‘Breykar’.

*In the small, connecting islands among the major ones, and in the southern-most reaches of Koie and Piaromea, there lives a number of weird and interesting-looking, intelligent beings…

Stay tuned for more!



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