First post on a new blog…

Two books I have currently in the works:

>Pathallea:  I’ll be releasing this one first.  I plan to have a fair ‘lead-up’ to it via posting various things regarding it (ie, art, languages, character sketches, that sort of thing…).

>Fantasium: The Free Men:  This one will likely be second in line.  This one I may end up posting first chapter-by-chapter, if I feel like it.

Stay tuned!  🙂



10 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. Can’t wait for the Pathallea lead-up. It sounds like an idea that can go amazingly well, or shockingly badly depending on what you do with the idea. Make a great plot, and you’ll have your readers hooked 🙂

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    1. ‘Fantasium’ is a completely different book to ‘Pathallea’, but I am still hoping to make a prequel (perhaps a sequel as well, depending..) for Pathallea assuming it goes well.
      Thanks for the follow! 🙂 I’m hoping to get a good lead-up for potential readers by posting on the book in question, as well as interact with other authors (like you!), so that I can try for a head-start once it’s published.

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      1. Well good luck 🙂 I’d definitely recommend posting a Prologue (mine seems to have interested many people in my book) and just making sure to tell an incredible story. Look forward to seeing some posts by you 🙂

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      2. I’ll definitely get a Prologue up; thanks!
        And there’s really so much one can do as an author to ‘tell an incredible story’ — it’s ultimately up to the reader to judge that for themselves, I think (whether it’s their ‘cup-of-tea’ or not; it’s all relative).
        I just signed up for your news-letter, so I’m hoping for stuff from you as well! 😉

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      3. No problem, and honestly I’ve found planning crucial to my novel – it gives me a clear sense of direction and helps collect my thoughts. Thanks for signing up, and I hope you’re pleasantly surprised by the end result 🙂

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      4. Might not be as soon as I originally thought… I want the book to be perfect being my first novel and all, so a lot of time is going to go into editing after the first draft is complete. Glad you’re interested though 🙂


      5. Same here with my first book.
        But at least I’ve finished writing it anyway. Now I’m working on the images and things for it, while it’s going through initial (peer) editing.
        I hope to be diligent and get it out by summer’s end this year.

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