‘The Fall of an Ancient’

A meteor shower foreshadowed the incoming impactor.  Many people took some time from whatever they were doing that evening and night to admire it – if only for a moment.

At the Academy, the same phenomenon, read into by the Witchdoctor, was determined to be an omen of some kind of destructive event in the near future.

Five days later, the thing itself came falling through the atmosphere leaving a long tail of ash and dust and fire in its wake.  Its trajectory appeared to be towards the Peregrine Academy.  With the Watchers yet to be reunited, the best that could be done at the time was to hunker down and prepare.

Its wake was spotted midday by those still living on the Academy grounds.  It could be seen trying to maneuver, eliminating it as a meteorite.  It’s an entity under intelligent control.

For the first time since the Five Waves, and to be the second time ever, Akei and Aguyu retreat to the resting room, that R.E. had found them in years earlier, to enact what they called “Athskeilon.”  The others watched as the two Valkyries sat kneeling and facing each other inside an ornate symbol carved into the floor, holding each other’s hands cross-wise, touching their foreheads together, then finally bringing their etherial wings out that quickly expanded to beyond the walls of the Academy and into a dome-shaped field covering the entire grounds and a portion of the surrounding forest.  Akei’s white wings blended into Aguyu’s black wings at the dome’s surface, creating a swirling pattern of light and dark akin to a dome-shaped vortex of ether that began at its apex and disappeared into the ground.

The incoming entity drifts slowly towards the ground, but as it approaches close enough its true speed can be glanced at.  It’s actually moving quite quickly, as evidenced by the sonic boom that sweeps the Academy prior to its inevitable impact with the earth.

That impact eventually did come, the being just missing the Academy grounds.  An almighty earthquake erupts from the collision, and in the distance forest can be seen uprooted and thrown into the air quite a distance away.  Copious amounts of earth were also torn away from their original home, some pieces even falling onto the Athskeilon.

Moments later, the commotion falls away into silence.  An uneasy silence, it was.  The Academy’s residents, the Valkyries, the Witchdoctor, the Merry-maker, Bharkou, Princess, Raac and Raghul, and two new recruits acquired since the Peregrine’s party left on their quest, seize the moment to finalize preparations.

Elsewhere, the lone, traveling Freemen were alerted to the falling object as well.

Amid a street performance near Hullheach, Arregz and his band-mates were the second-nearest Freemen to the impact site.  The final maneuver made by the beast was clearly visible in the sky from their vantage point.

Meanwhile, in Appathall, Freemen tending to an aid booth in Appavell were the first among the Freemen to see the incoming entity.  The locals there were afraid it was another terror attack underway.

Thiere, despite being well away from the trajectory of the thing, was also just able to catch sight of the trail of smoke and ash being left in its wake.  She had only just joined a rag-tag group of misfits calling themselves “Banon and the Rainbow Girls Squad,” and upon seeing the smoke received a nagging feeling that she should return to the Academy to help out there instead.

She fought against the feeling.  She’d only just arrived here, and her homeland required her help as well.  Besides, the Academy had other, equally capable, individuals residing there; the Academy was in good hands.

Finally, following the burn-up trail is an ancient starship piloted by a very deflated Alien girl.  She had hoped to beat the calamity to Eyaye, but the Forces of Darkness made sure to be ahead of schedule.  She hadn’t expected the calamities to begin so soon.

The Ancient of Eyaye had already crash-landed some distance away from the Peregrine Academy when she settled her own ship down just outside the Academy’s secondary gate.

Unable to enter through the barrier now, her best chance of being useful to the Academy now was to take her own stand against the incoming monsters.  Inside, she’d been building a ship, loaded with all the ancient relics and weaponry she’d gotten her hands on, just for such a purpose.  Those monsters won’t stand a chance.

There’s gonna be A LOT of them, though.  Their biggest advantage right now is their sheer numbers.

All the monstrosities that were caged up forever, after the great wars of yore….

In her newly-built warship, she hovers over the Academy.  There, she can see the sky darkening in the distance.  Over what can be seen of the remains of the Ancient, what mirrors a large cloud of colonial insects, or a swarm of Adversarial war-drones, billows out from the Ancient’s body.  Soon enough, there’s enough of them able to blanket the entire sky here in an artificial dusk.  Those ready to fight brace for what’s inevitably to come….


Anime Spotlight #47

How ARE babies made in this parallel World, anyway…?!

Picture 21
That dog is male, though….  Not sure I wanna know about mating, on second thought….

School-girl’s teacher uses a device to transport herself to a parallel Earth set in Japan’s past.  Girl herself gets caught up in the vortex, and then proceeds to search the land in vain attempt of getting a hamburger.

Welcome to Battle Girls:  Time Paradox!

In this other Earth, all Humans are female and dogs can talk (sort-of…?).  Otherwise, it is set deep within Feudal-era Japan and all historical Japanese rulers and generals, etc., here have boobs.

And, there’s magic floating around — of course there is!

Nobunaga’s big-breasted doppelganger endeavours to unite Japan through sheer military might — and a legendary piece of armour.  The misplaced girl, Hide, quickly grabs and holds Nobunaga’s interest, even at the expense of her trusty aide.

Meanwhile, Hide’s teacher is trying to make a better name for her family in this female-only World.  She doesn’t quite succeed….

That’s enough spoilers…; give the show a try!


Anime Spotlight #46

Well, time to get this one over with…:

Re: Zero Anime Review – Gitopia – This Otaku Life of Mine

Yes, it’s that bloody MMO-based Anime — starring Subaru, Anime’s “cringiest” main character.

Despite popular opinion, Subaru’s renown in Re:Zero goes beyond his refusing to love anyone other than Emilia (even when a much better, and more receptive, option literally plops herself on his lap and begs to be his).  The whole reason for this show’s name is his ability, which was forced onto him without his consent, of rewinding himself back 24 hours, involuntarily, upon his death.

Re:Zero isn’t, in my one-man’s opinion, the most appealing/well-done example of what it’d be like to be landed with such a curse of an ability — Edge Of Tomorrow, and even one particular episode of Stargate: SG-1, have done better in their own respective ways.  However, ain’t no show gonna top this Anime when it comes to the suffering that probably is inevitable after being forced to re-live any particular day or days over and over again.  Sure, doing stupid shit ’cause you know you’re probably just gonna repeat that particular day; but, after enough repeats one is bound to reach a breaking-point where they just wanna die or do anything to lift this curse they’ve acquired.

And yet…, Subaru, even if snot-nosed and red-faced, somehow finds a way to pull himself together long enough to make a happy ending of the current situation (regardless of how many repeats he’s had to endure).  This, specifically, was the reason I maintained interest in the series.  Regardless of how you feel about his love for Emilia, no doubt it’s that love that ultimately keeps him sane enough to keep on going and doing what he does.

Perhaps, that’s the one silver lining in that love — this is something the rest of us can take note of whenever we have to trudge through a long and seemingly endless stretch of unfortunate events happening to us.  When rough times strike, one needs to have something to attach their heart to in order to remain as oneself; else, it becomes all too easy for one to lose all hope….


‘The Underground Metropolis’

To lay eyes on a once-inhabited metropolis of stone deep inside Eyaye, according to the Archivist indoctrination, shouldn’t ever be possible.  The pressures and temperatures down this far, 1/3 the way down, should be intolerable to any living thing and artifice known to the Universe.

Yet, here we are and here lies stone-masonry so extensive it easily rivals the City-States above-ground.

A waterfall of molten rock pours down from a fissure in the ceiling of the metropolis’ cavity, and has since laid waste to a section of the construction.  The lava makes the whole area warmer than usual, but still bearable.  There must still be a steady, fresh supply of cool air filtering into this entire network of underground passages, dungeons, and sites constituting what was, apparently, once a subterranean civilization advanced enough to make an otherwise uninhabitable place their home.

“Well, that lava river is pretty new,” remarks Cɪrthsta as we came upon one of the entranceways into this metropolis.  The glowing fluid is actually of some help here, since it’s the only form of illumination of this whole place.  Still, this cavity is so vast there remain several large portions of this area cloaked in pure blackness.

She gave us a tour of the place, as best she could considering the river of yellow-hot lava cutting through 1/4 of it.  She showed us to eight other entranceways cut into the host rock, explaining where each one led.

One, which was sealed shut, led to the Old Ones’ “Last Temple.”  Another, which looked like it was carved upside-down, leads to a labyrinth – another dungeon that could take us to our ultimate destination.  A handful of them led eventually to other, equally large, metropolitan areas like this one.

However, Cɪrthsta informs us she wanted to stop here specifically to visit the city’s central library.  The library itself is a tall, cylindrical stone building near the center of the cavity.  Even from afar, its exterior carvings, lit up by the lava river flowing around it, can be seen though not really intelligible.  Each level of the building appears to have a particular story told on it in pictographic form.  I questioned her for the reason she wanted to visit such a library, but her reply was simply that there might be something she didn’t know lying around somewhere inside its walls.

Approaching it, the scenes can be comprehended more clearly.  Some of the depictions are of warfare, while others are of adventures and legends.  Accompanying the carvings are segments of script in a language unlike anything residing above-ground.  Cɪrthsta says the script belongs to the Young Ones, who once lived here.

15 levels make up the library, and each level has two floors.  According to Cɪrthsta, there are also basement floors and levels.

Entering the library reveals rings upon rings of stone where windows and bookshelves have been cut into them.  More carvings of wars, adventures, and tales can be found on the floor of each floor.  A central rotunda with a large winding staircase connects the floors to one another.

“Feel free to look around,” winks Cɪrthsta, pulling ahead.  “We could be here all day, I think.”  She then waves and takes the stairs up to the floor right above us.

“This building is a time machine, in a way,” says Way, the first thing she’s said in a long time since meeting with her.  “The script here says ascending the library is like traveling forward in time, while descending it does the opposite,” she explains, pointing to some text cut into the floor amid the scene.  Looking at the scene itself, I realize that’s pretty-much what it depicts.  “I’m descending into the basement,” she informs us, and then takes the stairs downwards.

“I should probably check out the upper levels, then,” I consider.  Not sure why I feel I should, but intuition is something I’ve learnt to heed.  “Are you able to read what’s written here, Esscie?” I ask her.  If she can, then I’d like her to come with me.

“I mean…, I know what it says,” she murmurs uneasily.  For her it’s a case of somehow knowing what the text says but without a clue what each glyph in the text actually means.

“That should suffice,” I smile.  “Mind following me?” I ask her.  She decides to accept.

We ascend to the fourth-highest level, where Esscie and I both intuit the need to browse more closely here.

Esscie reads a piece of text, telling me that it talks about nine great conflicts on Eyaye as well as the disappearance of Lady Light’s Avatar by the Forces of Darkness.

“That sounds like our present Age,” I remark and she agrees.  The scene associated with it shows a dozen or so frames of important parts of the current Age.  The scene begins on the first floor of this level and then ends on the second.

The eleven frames of mural on the lower of the two floors tell of the Five Waves as well as two earlier, brutal wars that virtually consumed Eyaye for years on end.  This mural ends with the disappearance of the Peregrine.

The upper floor proved more interesting, being that it documents, so I figure, events that are yet to come during our current Age.

Of note was a frame showing a large beast falling towards a city, but crash-landing just outside where the city stood.  This is followed by a scene displaying a time of strife and struggle by intrepid heroes against a veritable army of incredibly powerful Dark Forces.

Esscie read the available inscription, mentioning an “Ancient of Eyaye” being shot down and then a swarm of monsters leaving it upon its colliding with the surface.  The text also mentioned the return of the Peregrine, and those who would turn the tide against the Dark.  The heroes assured a reprieve just long enough for them all to come together in unity and in preparation for what was to come.

“Maybe this is what Cɪrthsta was looking for?” suggests Esscie upon finishing with the inscription.  I remembered her reply to me outside the library, and figured this could be the kind of thing she was after.  I know I’ve found this part of the library very informative.  A glimpse into the future can, when done properly, be vital.

The trick is to look into future events with wisdom, instead of just trying to take everything in.  Doing the latter tends only to result in bad things happening.

When given a glimpse into the future, one must be careful with what they do with that information.  In attempting to change the outcome of an unwanted prophecy, one must first understand the prophecy in its entirety else it is likely one will bring the prophecy about even while working to prevent it.

But, this prophecy appears to be more amicable to us – at least for the near future.  In this case, we simply do our best to fulfill the prophecy’s outcome.  It requires our action, though, since everyone hoping for those heroes to arrive will assure those heroes will never come.  If you want heroes to show up, then you need to become one of those heroes.

One must also be careful not to read too far into the future, especially without due diligence.  Otherwise, one can easily come across a prophecy they were never meant to know about.  With that in mind, I suggest to Esscie that we try finding Cɪrthsta again.

We find her on the second floor of the first level, not far from where we saw her sometime before.  “Did you find what you were looking for?” I ask her.

“I found what I missed last time I was here, yes,” she replies non-straightforwardly as usual.  “We can complete our quest, now, thankfully.”  That’s good to hear, I guess.

“We found some important things here, too,” affirms Esscie with a smile.

“So did I,” adds Way suddenly, approaching our position.

“Sounds like we can get outta here, then,” Dass chimes in sounding like he’d like to leave immediately.

Since everyone seems to have completed their business here, it is decided that we press on towards the next portal.

Crossing the river of lava was actually straight-forward, though not the easiest undertaking.  The Peregrine had to fly us over one-by-one.  Way could blink herself over, but couldn’t take anyone with her.

The city turned out to be larger than we’d been expecting, which included the Peregrine who said she’d never trekked further than the library her first time here.  We had to camp out at the other end of the city, in complete darkness.

We’ll have to seek out the next portal tomorrow.

Anime Spotlight #45

It’s all your favourite Harem cliches in one Anime!

Infinite Stratos Season 2 Review | WWHCurrent Community

Infinite Stratos pretty-much has it all.  It’s a Harem Anime, foremost, since the IS units the Anime is named after are, with only one glaring exception, only able to be piloted by girls.  The IS units are mechas, so there’s that one checked off too.  Also, check on the prim know-it-all British transfer and the overly by-the-books German transfer.  Check off the girl-pretending-to-be-a-boy, the Tsundere, and Harem-boy’s protective older sister that got him into all this mess.  Of course, no Anime like this one would be complete without the occasional Anime fall scenes (that defy human anatomy) as well as beach episode and that one episode where all the girls have to chase after the boy in a secret competition.  Finally, the boy himself is squeamish, clueless to how girls work, average in terms of attractiveness, but always throws himself in front of dangers for them without hesitation.

That’s basically the jist of this show.  Did I miss anything?

Can’t believe they made two seasons of this show….


Anime Spotlight #44

It’s like Frame-Arms Girl, but with a male Master…

Pin Busou-shinki on Pinterest

Busou Shinki (“Armoured War Goddess”) follows a handful of “Shinki” under the care of a simple-minded yet incredibly appreciative and understanding Master who is rarely seen because he spends all day at school.  “Busou Shinki” are one of a number of kinds of Shinki that exist, but they are most alike the Frame-Arms Girls of their name-sake Anime.  They engage in combat against one another, and do their best to serve their Master when they’re not fighting.

Shinki are also not very tall.  Like Frame-Arms Girls, they’re only about the size of a Figma figurine.  The four Shinki starring in Busou Shinki are Ann, Ines, Lene, and new-recruit Hina (aka Strarf).  Besides trying their best to make their Master happy, these Shinki have to face off against random challengers barging in on them.  All the while, some random pet hamster sits around gnawing on a sunflower seed.

It’s good in all the ways Frame-Arms Girl was, and still different enough to make it interesting as well.  Give it a watch!


‘The Third Test’

The Third Test awaited us the next day.  As usual, a large closed doorway with a carving into it meets us.

The doorway image shows a number of young women staring longingly in our direction.  It looks like one has to pass them by in order to pass along the street they stand alongside and thereby make it to the other side.

“Dass and Kess, you’re up!” Cɪrthsta claps her hands together.  “All you gotta do is pass by a number of exceptionally sexy girls and find the key that will open the doors on the other side of a short street.  The rest of us will hang out at the entranceway till you’ve made it, then we can make it to you without harm.”  Dass and Kess look at each other.  It makes sense that they’d bo chosen for this one, given how they’ve acted so differently towards generally good-looking girls back at the Academy.

They both take a deep breath, and then step forward opening the doors for us to enter.

On the other side is a cobblestone street no longer than 100 meters.  Apartment houses hug the street all along the way, while a strip of a bright light runs across a high ceiling to this room and illuminates the entire area like a sun.  Standing casually about the street sides, near building foyers and by half-a-dozen streetlamps, are as many as fifty dress-wearing girls each ready with inviting smiles, sexy bodies, and youthful vitality.

The rest of us stand against the closing entranceway doors while Dass and Kess stride forward assuming their usual demeanours towards females in general.

The key to open the far doorway is actually very straight-forward to find, lying right in the middle of the street.  Normally, I presume, one would head straight for the key only to be stymied by the girls hovering nearby; then, one would be overwhelmed by their beauty and be taken by one or more of them in the hope of “getting lucky”; then, theoretically, one won’t be living past that day.

Kess forges ahead to grab the key, since he has a better chance of using it properly due to how his paws are structured.  He reaches the key and picks it up while half-a-dozen girls swarm onto him, cooing to him and gingerly stroking his fur.  “Yeah-yeah, I know I’m very pet-able,” he sighs and presses forward, meandering among the ever-growing crowd of girls clustering in around him and Dass who is trying to follow behind him.

“Dude, just trample ‘em,” states Dass as he starts pushing his way through.  “It’s just easier that way.”  For Dass, anyway, that appears to be the case, as he pushes some of them aside and knocks others over who were standing in his way.

“Ah, yeah!  This is easier, mate!” concurs Kess as he begins doing the same.  Even while knocked over, and even stepped on, the girls continue in earnest to woo the duo into a stupour that they can work with.  But, it’s all to no avail.

Within mere minutes, Kess reaches the other door and unlocks it with the key.  The door opens up and the girls suddenly retreat away into the apartment houses.  “Time to go, folks!” cheers Cɪrthsta.

We exit the dungeon with ease, thanks to the incredible skill of the two sapient mammalians in our group.  They demand to fondle Cɪrthsta’s boobs upon exiting, though, as a reward for having to put up with that nonsense.  She happily obliges, and what follows is difficult for the rest of us to watch for very long.

Another dungeon completed, thus another day remains for us to do as we wish.  Thankfully, an open biosphere exists not long beyond the dungeon full of fresh air and good-tasting fruit.

We set up camp at another outpost beyond the biosphere, though this one has no associated portal.  Instead, another tunnel leads to somewhere else – somewhere we’ll be checking out tomorrow, apparently.

Anime Spotlight #43

Yet another magical-girl Anime….

Battle Girl High School: studentesse in anime per ...

Basically, Battle Girl High School is a cross between Yuuki Yuuna and Sailor Moon.  Watch the Anime to actually see why….

While there’s a lot of little girls involved, the show technically follows Miki — and a mysterious Misaki from another dimension.  The only male to be found in the entire series is the main instructor in the school for the girls.

Typical of Anime of this kind, here the girls are selected by God to fight monsters for the sake of saving what’s left of Humanity.  Then, an exceptionally strong girl from another realm comes along who forces everyone else to try to get stronger just to keep up.

Fret not; Battle Girl High School is still unique enough to make it worth watching, if this is the kind of thing you’re into.

‘The Second Test’

“The Second Test,” Cɪrthsta activates the portal, and passing through it brings us to another dungeon doorway.  These doors appear as large and robust as the first dungeon’s did, but these doors have a different scene etched onto them.

the second test

The depiction here takes the form of a humanoid figure lying on a table surrounded by what appears to be clutter.  Special emphasis has been made on select items (these items have higher relief than the others), and a couple areas in the humanoid have been “made hollow” perhaps implying parts of it are “missing.”

“Are we putting something back together in this one?” Esscie asks Cɪrthsta.

“In a way, yes,” she replies.  “Mr. Apothecarian will have the best idea what to do once we enter.  Basically, we gotta retrieve a handful of parts strewn across a floor full of clutter in order to return the android shown to a complete state.  He’ll reactivate, and then open up our way out of there.”  How Durittal is gonna “know what to do” if his specialty is apothecary, but I guess we’ll find out once we begin for real.

“I suspect the rest of us will have to stay still and quiet, like last time?” I ask.

“I think that’d be best, to avoid accidentally dooming us all,” she affirms.  I can do that.

“I should state beforehand,” Durittal speaks with a serious tone.  “While I’m an Earthling, I haven’t touched a mechanism since before I became a Watcher.  I can’t guarantee I’ve retained anything from when I was growing up.”

“I’m sure you’ll be fine,” Cɪrthsta reassures him.  “You’re our best shot at this one, so be sure to do your best!”

“What’s an ‘Earthling’?” asks Kess.

“My people used to be the blacksmiths of the Gods and their kin, but that was before the Five Waves and the invasion of the Archivists,” Durittal explains.  I remember coming across books recounting people like that, but like other things the Archivists have snuffed out the Earthlings have been considered as mythical beings that didn’t actually exist.

“If it’s absolutely necessary, I guess I could offer any help I can manage,” sighs Cɪrthsta, then winking at him.

We enter to a room whose ceiling is nearly as high as the First Test’s room, but length-wise this room is only half the size.  The room lights up, and a partially-disassembled clockwork humanoid lies motionless on a stone table.  Strewn about the place, on the floor and on various shelves on the walls of this room, are gears, metal rods, other pieces of clockwork, as well as a number of items that seem clearly unrelated to the being in any way (like strips of cloth and pieces of wood).  On the other side of the room is the other closed doorway; this one, though, has a keyhole lock mechanism to it that, I gather, only the android can use.

I spot a section of floor that’s mostly clear of objects, and head over to that place.  The others decide to follow me while Durittal makes his way to the automaton.

He pulls himself up onto the table and proceeds to inspect it thoroughly.  After his inspection, he raises his head up, looks at us, smiles briefly (which I didn’t really expect him to do), and then climbs down from the table.

He begins scouring the floor for the pieces he requires for the humanoid.  He finds one of them fairly quickly, and soon after locates a second.  After some time, he collects a third piece and returns to the android to fit them in.

He hops back down and resumes searching for more parts.  It looks like he knows exactly what he’s looking for, but this time around he’s having more trouble finding them.  He found a piece on the floor near where Dass and Kess are standing, but after several minutes of searching realizes he’ll probably only be able to find the remaining pieces on the shelves.

His stoutness proves particularly difficult on him in searching the wall shelves for the required parts.  He proved capable of surpassing those difficulties, however, and though he took longer than someone my height would’ve taken in the end all the remaining missing pieces had been collected and placed in their proper slots inside the automaton.

Fully completed, the machination suddenly comes to life and sits up.  Without acknowledging our existence, it shuffles down from the table standing on its feet.  It walks in an expected clockwork fashion over to the second door.  It stops before the locking mechanism, and then “coughs up” a unique-looking key from its mouth.  It inserts the key into the lock, turns it clockwise twice, and then stands back as the two massive doors slowly swing open.

We exit, and congratulate Durittal while the doors close behind us.

“To be frank, I hadn’t felt such an interest towards clockworks since my teenaged years.  I was sure glad I could rely on a long-lost intuition more than actual knowledge on clockworks.”  That would probably explain why he seemed so happy after initially inspecting the automaton.  Regardless, we’ve made it through a second Test and again we can relax for the rest of the day.

Anime Spotlight #42

I ran out of Anime I could showcase here, so I had to take some time to watch some more….


And if you thought the physics of Girls und Panzer was bad…,

Toon Inferno (a Mastertoons Podcast Xtended Blog site ...
What even is going on with Nozomi(n)’s butt right now…?

…you probably haven’t seen Keijo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yet!

“Keijo” is the titular sport of this Anime, where girls joust each other in swimsuits while on a large floating puck — but they can only use boobs and butts to knock their opponents into the water.  Sounds like an excuse to watch some hot chicks flaunt their stuff while still making a plot out of it, but…well…, you actually have to watch the show for the full experience ’cause there’s more than meets the eye here.

Aside from boobs and butts, and some questionable “physics” involved with some of the girls’ special moves, equally worth watching the show for is all the team-building and life-lessons doled out through the various episodes.  There are even a myriad of different female body types present, from the usual curvy and feminine to fit and muscular to even over-sized.  Fret not, as “gratuity” can still be had here (how could it not?!).

Keijo!!!!!!!! | Milkcananime

Be like Miyata’s father and get more than you were expecting from this Anime.


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