Anime Spotlight #53

It’s not everyday an Anime girl suffers from blood loss when sufficiently aroused….

Anime nosebleed scientifically explained! | Canne's anime ...

STILL better than Twilight, though!

It’s Karin, the “un-vampire”!  What in the world is an “un-vampire”?

Karin, the eldest daughter of a family of vampires, does the exact opposite of vampires when she “feeds”; she injects you with blood, instead of sucking it out of you.  A consequence of that is if she can’t satiate her urges she risks suffering a major nose bleed.

She can also tolerate sunlight, garlic, and normal food, unlike her “awakened” vampire kin.  The only person more clueless than Karin is the so-called vampire hunter who can’t even recognize the (un-)vampire that he’s fallen in love with.

It’s quite a show, and refreshingly new for vampire-related media!


Anime Spotlight #52



Personally, I’m quite looking forward to watching Girly Air Force and Grimm’s Notes, among a couple others, later on this month, as well as Azur Lane later on this year; in the meantime, though, I still have some fully-released Anime to go through….

Including this one:

Spring Anime 2017: Busou Shoujo Machiavellism - The ...
Beware…the stupid laughing sounds from some of these girls.

Armed Girls Machiavellism (Busou Shoujo Machiavellism) reminded me a bit of Kill la Kill and Shimoneta — dystopian school setting, and a fearless freedom-loving hero (a guy this time) standing alone against them.

The guy in question, Fudo Nomura — emphasis on the “No” — is like the MGTOW man of Anime; he values freedom of personal choice, and refuses to let agents of tyranny stand in his way of fulfilling such values.

For this show, the “tyranny” is the female student population in general; every girl at the “Coexistence School” is armed (hence “Busou Shoujo”), so that they can discipline the unruly newcomers (almost always boys) — usually, this results in the pussy-whipped boys dressing up like girls.

Machiavellism, of course, derives from Niccolo Machiavelli, who wrote “The Prince” as a treatise on how a dictator can effectively run a dictatorship over his nation and people while minimizing the chance of his being overthrown by said people.

Nomura, though, shows how to deal with such dictatorships — just say “NO”!  Also, it’ll help to know some good martial arts techniques to back up that “no.”

Just as in real life, Nomura proves that the best way for a guy to build a harem is to be indominable in will as well as unwavering in his values; the girls are bound to act up on him, but deep down they’re sure gonna want him badly.

However, if it’s actual love you’re looking for then find some other Anime….


‘A Labyrinthine Dungeon’

fourth test

Our route beyond that underground city led eventually to our most challenging dungeon yet.

Two large doors gave way to what soon was revealed to be a gigantic stone labyrinth whose walls, made of thick stone, rise from the stone floor and meet with the stone ceiling.  A line of light high up on the walls illuminates the place.

Strange writing lines the walls, which Cɪrthsta immediately takes interest to.  “It’s a story!” she cheers as she follows it along.  It seems she can read the text.

“There are supposed to be a number of monsters we need to deal with, in this maze,” Way informs us as we follow close behind the Peregrine.  But of course….

“Is that why she wanted to visit that library?” wonders Esscie, referring to the Peregrine.

“She always has multiple reasons for doing a thing,” answers Way.  She then explains, “I’m sure, for example, you noticed that each of us, in this group, has so far had a role to play, or will have a role to play, in getting us all to Eyaye’s core.

“Dass and Kess don’t at all think of girls and women the same way most others do, making them perfect for the Third Test; the Apothecarian is an Earthling, a race once known for their innate intuition with hand-made things, which made him ideal for the Second Test.

“And then there’s this Test, which is Cɪrthsta’s role to play,” she concludes.  “She’s the only one here who can read the text, and she’s the only one here who can deal with the monsters we’ll meet.”

Cɪrthsta, though, keeps on reading the text, mumbling the translation as she goes.  There are times that she quickly switches paths when meeting a divergence in the maze.  I suspect that paths leading to dead ends have text that reads as jibberish, while only the correct path holds text that actually give a comprehensible story.

“What about you, then, Way?” I address the Jackal.  “You must have a role to play in helping us reach the core, beyond your need to get to Yaw.”

She grins and nods.  “Of course.  I’ll only know what that role is, though, once I’m thrust into it.

“That said, guesses can still be made since the dungeons here are each made to target a specific skill or trait the Old Ones felt were manditory for their perception of a truly benevolent leader to possess.”

“But, no one person should be placed as a leader of the people,” I say aloud, feeling something click inside me.  “The position of leader is a role that everyone is to assume in society; in other words, there is no one ruler because everyone is the arbiter of their own lives – Anarchy, in the truest sense.

“That’s why Cɪrthsta’s having a group of us tackle these Tests,” I suddenly smile, like one does when a once-inconceivable idea suddenly falls snugly into place among the grand scheme of things.  “She could probably complete the Tests by herself, and, from the sounds of it, she attempted exactly that at least once before, but probably realized that, ultimately, it’d be far better to solve the Tests with teamwork.”

I see now what Way meant about Cɪrthsta; she acts like an eccentric teenager, but in actual fact everything she does is for a reason and, more often than not, planned beforehand.

The First Test can only be passed by one with the ability to problem-solve wisely, instead of thinking unclearly or reacting rashly to a situation.  The Second Test can only be passed by one with the ability to take as much time as necessary to solve a problem, instead of hastily proposing the first idea that comes to mind.  The Third Test can only be passed by one with the ability to not let distractions hinder their undertaking a thing, instead of being diverted by other things which result in one not being able to complete a task as promptly and precisely as they otherwise would have.  This labyrinth, the Fourth Test, can only be passed by one with perfect sense of direction and, I theorize, can think of ways to deal with threats without resorting to “killing” them; brute-forcing one’s way through probably won’t work here.

The remaining dungeons would thereby need to test skills held by myself, Esscie, and Way.  My main ability lies in mind over matter, while Esscie’s strength is in thinking “outside the box” (even better than I can); as for Way, I suspect, since she presides over ferrying souls from their dead bodies back to their “source,” there should be a dungeon that tests one’s ability to sacrifice someone’s life so that everyone else, living things in general, or even the continued existence of a whole world, or even universe, can be kept.

In my mullings, before long I realize we’re already at our first monster lair.  An oval-shaped room with two openings (we’re standing in one of them) greets us; for now, the room looks empty.

“Best you guys stay put till I call ya,” says Cɪrthsta, calm as always.  “Unless, of course, you wanna fight your own monster in there!”  With that, she smiles and then steps forth into the room.

She walks to the room’s center, and then stands there with her eyes closed for about a minute or two.  She then calls to us, that it’s safe to cross.

“Interesting…,” I murmur to myself.  No physical entity appeared, so that must mean the “monsters” only appear in one’s own mind.  I wonder, then, if this dungeon is to test one’s ability to navigate calmly amid one’s own fears.

Again, we follow behind the Peregrine as she reads the text on the wall.

Eventually, the next monster room appears before us.  Cɪrthsta enters as before, to the room’s center.  To test my theory, I also walk to the room’s center.  She closes her eyes, and so do I.

After several seconds of apparent nothingness, I open my eyes again only to find myself alone in the room.  Interesting….

This isn’t real.  I know Cɪrthsta is standing right beside me, even though I cannot see her right now.  I close my eyes and concentrate on seeing her to my right, and the others hovering by the entrance archway, when I open my eyes again, using the technique I’ve used many times before when using the Iron Jacket and other meditative techniques.

I open my eyes to see nothing happened.  “I see…,” I rub my chin thoughtfully.  This is the manifestation of a fear stuck deep inside me, of having no effect over the progression of events on this World.  I close my eyes again.  “Even if all I do is for naught, I am still making my mark in this life,” I say with conviction out to the empty fake-room.

“Well done!” I hear suddenly, and I open my eyes to see Cɪrthsta’s massive bust inches from my eyes.  I realize that I’ve hunched over a bit, my knees bent slightly and my hands resting on them.  I stand straight, wondering if it was my moment of concentration that was conveyed to assuming such a position in reality.

“Thanks,” I nod to her.  It was as I suspected, that the monsters are in fact one’s own fears made manifest.  That’s why each person who enters such rooms are “fighting their own monsters,” as Cɪrthsta hinted.

I discussed as much with Esscie, who asked me out of curiosity, during the next leg of halls we’re to traverse.  I decided not to partake in subsequent monster rooms, and I see the others are probably too fearful of trying it out themselves.

After what seemed like days, we came upon some open rooms that held no “monsters” inside them.  Cɪrthsta decides we should camp here for the night, and she estimates we are around 2/3 to 3/4 the way through the maze.

The next day, we pushed through the final monster room and then made our way out of the maze at last.  I made a point to thank Cɪrthsta for successfully leading us through that maze unhindered, and the others do the same shortly after me.  She chuckles and says it wasn’t really worth that much praise over.

“Oh!  You should be next, Way,” she turns to the Jackal without missing a beat.  “I trust you’ll know what to do when we get there,” she winks at her, who then frowns.

So, the life-and-death dungeon is the next one to progress through.  We find the next portal, and it was with a deep breath that Way was first to pass through it.

Anime Spotlight #51

In Anime’s quest to gijink-ify everything in existence, the most recent example is……

Cells at Work! Manga Vol. 1 @Archonia_US

……Human cells!

Welcome to Cells At Work! where the human body is a vast metropolis and the cells that make up the body are its “human” inhabitants.  *Just ignore how this Anime shows some of these cells “bleeding” and “bruising”…*

It’s an entertaining way to learn about one’s own body and the nearly countless cells that work together to make the body go.  Each personified cell is characterized via their outfit and behaviour; for example, red blood cells are dressed in red and (except for the main protagonist) has a good sense of direction while white blood cells are decked in white and are first on the scene of an invasion lashing at intruders.

Moe is a must in Anime nowadays, so thankfully there’s the platelets to fulfill that requirement for this show:

Cells at Work! – Ep. 2 | Xenodude's Scribbles

Spoilers aside, given how long red blood cells are supposed to live I’m amazed at how often deep trouble this particular human body-city gets into over the course of the season; of course, our bodies deal with minor issues daily but the number of cuts and scrapes and wounds and illnesses the show’s body experiences is quite a putz-worthy achievement!


Anime Spotlight #50

That rare Isekai Anime that’s not totally “run-of-the-mill”…

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (Etiqueta) | OtakuTime
“That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime”…

Yes, it’s that one slime Anime.

It begins like any other Isekai, with a male protagonist who never made anything spectacular with his life on Earth.  So, of course he has to die a stupid death and be transported to an MMO-type world where he has a second chance to do better.

Aaaannnnd that’s where the similarities largely end, between this Anime and prior Isekai’s like Re:Zero and KonoSuba.

On first glance, being transported to another world as a slime seems like a rather poor way to do better on your second wind.  But, logically, a slime made from special material is actually the most effective way to incorporate all the best attributes possible into one corporeal form.  Being amorphous means one can change one’s own body to accommodate any kind of ability one may have — and can easily accommodate any other ability one comes across.  Thus, it’s no wonder the slime protagonist here becomes so powerful so quickly.

At the risk of potentially spoiling more, especially since this show’s still ongoing, I’ll leave it there so you can check it out for yourself.

‘A World Under Siege’

The monsters that escaped the Ancient struck out at anyone they saw before them.  Creatures of a myriad of sizes, some as small as house pets and others larger than the largest known animals, on a veritable rampage across the landscape with seemingly no obvious goals in mind.

The Archivists, on the other hand, were very methodical in their actions during this apparent chaos.  Even the Empress of the old Ten Kings land, who was supposed not to be aligned with Hullheach, had still taken similar actions at nearly the same time.

Citizens in these lands were so scared scatless by it all that the Archivists’ forces carried out their dastardly plans with the greatest of ease ever thought possible.  Doors were knocked down and whole families were roughed about without the slightest resistance.  Even the heavily empowered women of the Empress’ land never raised a single protest to her decrees.

Were it not for the rag-tag group calling themselves “Banon and the Rainbow Girls Squad” seeing through the illusions, the Empress’ act would’ve gone off as seamlessly as it did over at Hullheach.

Were it not for the loosely organized group of individuals helping out at Appathall, that land would’ve seen the same sort of fate as its neighbours inevitably did.

Over the weeks, those less fortunate lands, utterly decimated, had no choice but to accept the “bargain” offered by the Archivists as the “only solution to this present, dire situation.”  In other words, a monolithic, worldwide, tyrannical State; a one-world government, a one-world military-police, and a one-world economic system.

In the middle of all that, there was the Peregrine Academy.  That place was, arguably, the Archivists’ primary target.  They might even have wanted the Ancient to have crash-landed on top of it, to destroy it for good.  But, that Ancient’s last-ditch efforts prior to crashing preserved it and its inhabitants.

Deep into their fight against the incoming waves of monsters, the residents of the Academy were suddenly being attacked by special-ops units from Hullheach deployed there secretly to try to take the Academy down.

However, the Mortal God cast rays of light on those special-ops soldiers and knocked them all out.  This allowed for the others to focus on fighting the abominations stampeding about the place.

It was several days before the last of the creatures had come and gone.  The work of the Watchers and Azhseg fending off those beings allowed the other residents to focus on how best to help out the other lands while safe within the Valkyries’ force field.

The fifty-odd soldiers were also relocated to a secure room within the Academy, and kept under custody there.  The beings the Watchers fought and incapacitated soon diminished into humanoid forms, and were held under custody in a second room inside the Academy.

Focus could now be redirected towards the efforts being undertaken by the Rainbow Girls Squad and those helping out in Appathall.  M. I. Arregz and his band, who had used the chaos surrounding Hullheach to seize some supplies from Archivist forces too preoccupied with their plans to notice, now set off to Appathall to put their supplies to good use.  The supplies brought by the forces attempting to besiege the Academy were subsequently sent off by Bharkou over to the Squad for good use as well.

Azhseg, now present in person, was able to give a comprehensive account of what she witnessed going on in the Realms beyond Eyaye.  Something has been going on, she felt, that was far beyond the mere workings of Dark Forces.  Something else had to be going on, to account for why even the Librarians were unable to record it.  Exactly what that was, though, she couldn’t offer any kind of guess or idea.

But, what happened here over the past month or so, so far, was not the whole of what she presumed had been planned.  There was still more to come, and what had just occurred with that Ancient was just the appetizer.

The Peregrine would need to hurry up on her quest to the core, if what Azhseg thought was being planned next were actually to be acted out.  She theorized the masterminds of all this were after something specific, and if so then for everyone’s sake Cɪrthsta better reach it first.

Else, it can be expected to get so much worse on Eyaye in the near future….

Anime Spotlight #49

Moving on from Hallowe’en…to Remembrance Day-type stuff:

File:Izetta Model24 grenade.jpg - Internet Movie Firearms ...

War:  What’s it good for?  Absolutely nothing!

Unless you own a central bank, or you run a military-industrial corporation…in which case war makes you money and power.  Just ask Mio Sakamoto of Strike Witches.

But, I’ve already covered Strike Witches in a previous Spotlight; so, instead I’ll post about an equally war-rife Anime — Izetta:  The Last Witch.

Izetta is the show that actually got me hooked into Anime…again.  I was able to watch each episode as it was being released online in dubbed format, and holy $#!+ does it have some good $#!+-got-real moments.

Like, for example, Izetta trying not to bleed to death on a battlefield that she can’t use her magic on.  All the while, the reincarnation of the Weisse Hexe herself runs around making Eylstadt’s existence a living hell.

Izetta: The Last Witch Ep 9: Sowing and Reaping – Crow's ...

With stuff like that going on, it’s good to have some comedic relief to balance.  Thank goodness for Ortfine’s trusted reporter and fashion guru showing up and fondling some quality boobage!

Izetta: The Last Witch 04 (The Queen and the Witch ...

Fitting for Remembrance Day/Veteran’s Day coming up real soon, Izetta is set in an alternate Earth corresponding to around the WWI/WWII time period of Earth’s history.  The show holds no punches back in showing how bad war is, for everyone directly involved.  Rather not-uniquely, the enemy is a growing empire inhabiting the area of Europe corresponding to where Germany sits today.

Eylstadt, on the other hand, is a fictional country smooshed between what, in this alternate reality, corresponds to Switzerland and Austria.  Basically, it’s what the Lombard people would’ve had if they’d made their own country instead of becoming part of Italy.

Ortfine von Eylstadt is the Alisha Diphda-like princess of Izetta who we’re rooting for to preserve her land’s sovereignty against such a massive adversary.  She makes some awesome speeches in the first half, and then…does some other useful stuff in the latter half.

Anyway!  Enough spoilers, go watch some witches ride some guns!

Izetta: The Last Witch – Episode 5: A False Miracle | A ...

Anime Spotlight #48

Happy Halloween!


Let’s look at some freaky Anime, then!

Killing Bites Ep. 3: One more for the menagerie – Moe Sucks

Costumes included.  Or, should I say, inherent….

“The one with the sharpest fangs wins — that’s Killing Bites!”

Killing Bites is about the Zaibatsu families and the human-animal hybrids they make fight in order to make them money (and satiate their blood-lust).  Hitomi, the star of the show, is part Honey Badger — and is confident that she owns the sharpest fangs of them all.  If you have an aversion to gore, then it’s best to steer clear of this show.

Yuuya, on the other hand, is just some schmuck who’s unlucky enough have been forced to become Hitomi’s backer (that neither of them are happy about).  Season 1 sees this duo teamed up with a most *interesting* pair of hybrids:  a surprisingly friendly hippo-hybrid guy, and a not-surprisingly useless rabbit-hybrid girl.  Given that Yuuya’s scared of everything involving the Killing Bites games, it’s completely up to Hitomi, with some help from the hippo-guy, to win the whole tournament virtually on her lonesome.  She better have the sharpest fangs, if that be the case!

Will they get tricked, or treated…?


‘The Fall of an Ancient’

A meteor shower foreshadowed the incoming impactor.  Many people took some time from whatever they were doing that evening and night to admire it – if only for a moment.

At the Academy, the same phenomenon, read into by the Witchdoctor, was determined to be an omen of some kind of destructive event in the near future.

Five days later, the thing itself came falling through the atmosphere leaving a long tail of ash and dust and fire in its wake.  Its trajectory appeared to be towards the Peregrine Academy.  With the Watchers yet to be reunited, the best that could be done at the time was to hunker down and prepare.

Its wake was spotted midday by those still living on the Academy grounds.  It could be seen trying to maneuver, eliminating it as a meteorite.  It’s an entity under intelligent control.

For the first time since the Five Waves, and to be the second time ever, Akei and Aguyu retreat to the resting room, that R.E. had found them in years earlier, to enact what they called “Athskeilon.”  The others watched as the two Valkyries sat kneeling and facing each other inside an ornate symbol carved into the floor, holding each other’s hands cross-wise, touching their foreheads together, then finally bringing their etherial wings out that quickly expanded to beyond the walls of the Academy and into a dome-shaped field covering the entire grounds and a portion of the surrounding forest.  Akei’s white wings blended into Aguyu’s black wings at the dome’s surface, creating a swirling pattern of light and dark akin to a dome-shaped vortex of ether that began at its apex and disappeared into the ground.

The incoming entity drifts slowly towards the ground, but as it approaches close enough its true speed can be glanced at.  It’s actually moving quite quickly, as evidenced by the sonic boom that sweeps the Academy prior to its inevitable impact with the earth.

That impact eventually did come, the being just missing the Academy grounds.  An almighty earthquake erupts from the collision, and in the distance forest can be seen uprooted and thrown into the air quite a distance away.  Copious amounts of earth were also torn away from their original home, some pieces even falling onto the Athskeilon.

Moments later, the commotion falls away into silence.  An uneasy silence, it was.  The Academy’s residents, the Valkyries, the Witchdoctor, the Merry-maker, Bharkou, Princess, Raac and Raghul, and two new recruits acquired since the Peregrine’s party left on their quest, seize the moment to finalize preparations.

Elsewhere, the lone, traveling Freemen were alerted to the falling object as well.

Amid a street performance near Hullheach, Arregz and his band-mates were the second-nearest Freemen to the impact site.  The final maneuver made by the beast was clearly visible in the sky from their vantage point.

Meanwhile, in Appathall, Freemen tending to an aid booth in Appavell were the first among the Freemen to see the incoming entity.  The locals there were afraid it was another terror attack underway.

Thiere, despite being well away from the trajectory of the thing, was also just able to catch sight of the trail of smoke and ash being left in its wake.  She had only just joined a rag-tag group of misfits calling themselves “Banon and the Rainbow Girls Squad,” and upon seeing the smoke received a nagging feeling that she should return to the Academy to help out there instead.

She fought against the feeling.  She’d only just arrived here, and her homeland required her help as well.  Besides, the Academy had other, equally capable, individuals residing there; the Academy was in good hands.

Finally, following the burn-up trail is an ancient starship piloted by a very deflated Alien girl.  She had hoped to beat the calamity to Eyaye, but the Forces of Darkness made sure to be ahead of schedule.  She hadn’t expected the calamities to begin so soon.

The Ancient of Eyaye had already crash-landed some distance away from the Peregrine Academy when she settled her own ship down just outside the Academy’s secondary gate.

Unable to enter through the barrier now, her best chance of being useful to the Academy now was to take her own stand against the incoming monsters.  Inside, she’d been building a ship, loaded with all the ancient relics and weaponry she’d gotten her hands on, just for such a purpose.  Those monsters won’t stand a chance.

There’s gonna be A LOT of them, though.  Their biggest advantage right now is their sheer numbers.

All the monstrosities that were caged up forever, after the great wars of yore….

In her newly-built warship, she hovers over the Academy.  There, she can see the sky darkening in the distance.  Over what can be seen of the remains of the Ancient, what mirrors a large cloud of colonial insects, or a swarm of Adversarial war-drones, billows out from the Ancient’s body.  Soon enough, there’s enough of them able to blanket the entire sky here in an artificial dusk.  Those ready to fight brace for what’s inevitably to come….

Anime Spotlight #47

How ARE babies made in this parallel World, anyway…?!

Picture 21
That dog is male, though….  Not sure I wanna know about mating, on second thought….

School-girl’s teacher uses a device to transport herself to a parallel Earth set in Japan’s past.  Girl herself gets caught up in the vortex, and then proceeds to search the land in vain attempt of getting a hamburger.

Welcome to Battle Girls:  Time Paradox!

In this other Earth, all Humans are female and dogs can talk (sort-of…?).  Otherwise, it is set deep within Feudal-era Japan and all historical Japanese rulers and generals, etc., here have boobs.

And, there’s magic floating around — of course there is!

Nobunaga’s big-breasted doppelganger endeavours to unite Japan through sheer military might — and a legendary piece of armour.  The misplaced girl, Hide, quickly grabs and holds Nobunaga’s interest, even at the expense of her trusty aide.

Meanwhile, Hide’s teacher is trying to make a better name for her family in this female-only World.  She doesn’t quite succeed….

That’s enough spoilers…; give the show a try!


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